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Hi all, I had a cold a couple weeks ag which ended up going on my chest! Well I ended up in hospital for a couple of nights as I was having difficulty breathing, well it turned out I had a chest and lung infection. The co codamol saved me from pneumonia, so I was lucky. Any ways I am ok now and it has been 14 days today that I have not smoked.

I have been ok but the last couple of days I have been really snappy my poor husband has lost his head a few times now. I don't remember being like this the last time I gave up, lets hope it doesn't last.


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Hi Vikki and a warm welcome to quit support

Unfortunately being snappy is quite a common part of quitting...Try and make it up to your hubby when you are not quite so snappy :D :D

Take a read of some of the pinned posts on the right as there is a wealth of info -everything quitting

we have a wee mantra we use - NOPE - Not One Puff Ever - sounds easy :D :D

Does this make your quit date January 5th ??

All the very best of luck on your quit journey :) :)



Yes the 5th was my quit date and thank you


Hiya Vicky and a warm welcome to quit support😊

Sorry to hear you've been so unwell but congratulations on 2 weeks quit, awesome

Don't worry snappy is very normal at this stage of your quit and most of us have been like that😩

The good news is it will pass and remember youve been through a lot being in hospital. Have a look at the breathing techniques on the right under pinned posts as this will help. Good luck and stay close to this site as it makes a big difference🍀


Thank you


Welcome vikki😀

Great decision to quit......👏🎉🎉🎉🎉

You'll find a lot of support on this site.... My quit support friends have stopped me from lighting up many many times.....fear is stopping me from lighting up as well... Keep your reason for quitting close...

Our mantra is Not One Puff Ever!!!


Ps the withdrawal symptoms don't last🤗

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Thank you


I just want to say "Welcome!" 'Can't really add to the great advice alraedy offered.


Hi Vikki and welcome😊

Yep snappy is common 😞 poor hubby might need as treat, why don't you use some of the money you've saved to get it with😊 and maybe tell hubby the symptoms will pass.... shortly 😊😊

Good luck with your quit 😊😊😢🍀🍀🍀


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