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struggling to quit smoking

I stopped smoking yesterday for the trillion time I keep smoking then stopping and its like a vicsious circle I was also trying to lose weight as well but my doctor says said contratt one at a time which iam going to do it is hard but iam determined to do it this time then contrat on my weight but with the quitting smoking it is hard now iam full of a cold bad cough and feel rubbish ive decided to stop once and for all as it will never end the vicious circle iam determined to be tough and not give in

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Well done luckylou and look at you on day 2 already😊😊😊

It ain't easy but you CAN do it. Write out a list of why you want to stop and a list of the pro's and con's to quitting. This should help you stay quit 😊

Start saving the cig money and treat yourself throughout the quit, you will be surprised how much you save😊😊😊

Also a lot of the quitters on here have also read Allen Carrs quit smoking book, apparently you can download it for free 😊😊😊

As to the weight, I agree with your doc..... Get the off the cigs first then concentrate on the weight. You can help yourself by doing excerise though...... The lovely glolin does 10,000 steps everyday and goes for a walk in the mornings😊

Whatever happens keep this site nice and close and we will support you😊😊😊

NOPE Not One Puff Ever 🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭😃


Hi luckylou 👋

You can do this, understand the addiction, know your triggers, learn new coping methods and be positive don't pay money to suck on a white stick that contains so many deadly chemicals.

Reading Allen Carr really helped me to stay quit and of course all the lovely people on here are great 👍😊

Be strong



Hi Luckylou1, a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) and a WAYYYY flippin HAYYYYY day 2 already :) :)

As you can see Lucky, you are the very proud owner of a day 2 Winners badge :) and I will update it allllllllll through your quit journey :)

I see our lovely Droopy and Shanti have given you some great advice :) :) and I agree with Droopy and your doc, just you keep concentrating on quitting the cigs first, then when you have beat and trampled on mr cigi :) then you can go and beat the weight :) :)

Lucky, if you have a look to the right of your post, you will see '' Pinned Posts and Topics '' have a good noseyyyyyyy through them, cos there's loads of great advice :) and maybe try the breathing exercises too :)

As for you feeling flippin ''rubbish '' there's loads of colds going about at the moment, but, some of us get a sort of cold when we quit :o and we've nick named it ' quitters flue ' :D :D

You dont say how your quitting, whether your using any form of NRT or not :o if you are, then we can perhaps help you with that :) Lucky, if you need any help, want a chat or a good old flippin moan, then you come on here and shout out :)

Good luck :) Pete :)


WELCOME! 'Can't add much to the advice already given .. but keep in touch and let us know how you are doing!


Hiya lucky and welcome to quit support😊

Concentrate on one thing at a time and quitting the cigs is top of the list. You can tackle any weight gain at another time.

I see youve got great advice already and excercise is really going to help if you can fit some in each day.

Good luck and NOPE not one puff ever🚭😊


Hi lou and welcome to quit support :) :)

Our wonderful members have given you some great advice :) :)

Below is the link to the Allen Carr's book that you save as a pdf and read at your leisure.



Hi Luckylou :)

At risk of going against the great advice you've been given here and from your doctor, may I say that it is possible to quit smoking and lose weight at the same time :)

On the 7th September this year, I decided to do both and to date, I can proudly say that I've not even taken a sniff at a cig, nor allowed a sweet treat to touch my lips :) I have lost 29.5lbs and am now able to walk 7.5K's/day (10,000 steps) and cycle 7.5K's/day. This from someone who couldn't sit up in bed without getting out of breath :)

I feel like a million dollars and wonder why I couldn't have done this before, but I think it's all down to your headspace.

In the past, I've given up the cigs and gained up to 4 stones!! I've also given up the food and smoked like a trooper! This time, I was determined that I wasn't going to use either as a crutch and ditched them both.

I went cold turkey, because having used patches, sprays and ecigs in the past, I just transferred my addiction and still felt ruled by nicotine.

It must be part of my nature, but I also had to exclude "go to" foods from my diet too, in order to beat my edible addictions :)

Once you decide that enough is enough, I know you'll beat your addictions too. This site is full of really supportive members and I would advise logging on as much as you can and definitely at times of anxiety, or stress.

May I wish you all the luck in the world to get you through this tough time :)


Well done more less,

I tend to agree with you, i do the 10,000 steps every day and way less than what I did when I started my quit journey.

I see it as a whole of life change, not just quitting smoking. I recently got diagnosed with hypothyroidism which has really slowed down my metabolism.

I just work harder and have modified my diet to accomodate it. Will be glad when gp can get mess right, but in the meantime, I keep soldiering on.

Getting your head in the right place is definitely the key 😀😀👍👍


iam using the patches and lozengers to quit I give in to easily but iam determined to quit for good iam not ever having one puff ever thank you for all your support and I will be isting here regulary to say how iam getting on


Hi luckylou. Fantastic news that uv quit the best decision ever. Glad u using patches and spray. Iv got patches gum and inhaler and use them all. Sounds like ur head is in the right place saying never again to put a cigarette in ur mouth. Not One Puff Ever. That philosophy helps me a lot I know that one will lead to two three four then that's it again.


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