Vaping to quit smoking

I have seen quite a few posts over the last several months of people asking about vaping. Some think they vape too much and others aren't sure about vaping.

I vape and have vape through most of my "quit time". It helped, and still helps, me not smoke. There are times, even now, that I want a cigarette. After eating, when I wake up, when I am done doing anything even slightly physical, etc.

Vaping is a 'healthier' alternative to smoking. The only healthy way to not smoke is to quit altogether, but vaping is quite a bit safer if you can't just quit. Also, the second hand from vaping is harmless to those around you.

If you are even slightly curious about vaping to quit, then head to your local shop and ask them about their starter kits. There quite a few ex-smokers that have started vaping using pen mods. They are super inexpensive and it gets your feet wet with vaping. It's a great place to start if you have never vaped before. A lot of the websites and some shops will tell you that if you smoked heavily you should start with a high nicotine content. That is "OK" for very few people.

With a high nic content you'll have a heavier throat hit and that pushes some people away from vaping. If you decide to vape, try a nic content of like 12mg to start with and if that's not enough, SLOWLY move up from there. Also, if you are getting a bad dry mouth or a sore throat try a higher VG content.

That being said I'll explain. E-liquids are mixed with a PG - VG ratio. PG is propylene glycol and VG is Vegetable Glycerin. These are the base of ejuices. My personal preference is Max VG as it has minimal throat hit and produces larger clouds. You can get a 30/70 mix which is basically more VG than PG.

Starting off, most of this won't mean much to you until you start vaping. Just know that if it's too harsh, it's not something that can't be fixed. You will cough for a while after you start vaping, but that is because your lungs are clearing just like they would without vaping. Vaping helps! I speak from experience!

If quitting is as hard for you as it was for me k ow that there are alternatives that let you keep what you love from smoking and get rid of the bad part. If you are like me then I know you loved/love smoking. This let's you "smoke" without smoking.

The flavors are also amazing. It's fun to test new flavors and see whaat you like. The longer you go without smoking the better the flavors get!

I hope this helps clear up a little about vaping. If you have a question please ask. If I don't k ow the answer I will do my best to find you an answer as quickly as I can.

Good luck and congratulations on taking the next step to being completely smoke free!


I only vape at a 3mg nicotine level now. I started at a 24.

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  • thank you so much for your post as this will help out many of our members :) :)

    Awesome to see you still doing such a fantastic job with your quit :) :)

  • Congrats Walk by Faith☀️

    You've done amazing quitting cigarettes for a year... I'll be 4 months quit in a few days.... Have a great day🙂

  • Congratulations on your 1 year quit, fantastic so well done to you and thanks for your post as this really will help others🎊💐🎈🎉

  • Thank yall as well! This forum helped me through the really hard part of quitting. The coughing! I almost quit trying to quit because of it, but I stuck it out because of yall and your amazing words.


    My post is only the tip of the iceberg on vaping. This is a whole other world. You don't have to dive in completely though. You can pretty much stay on the tip of the iceberg and still quit cancer sticks.

  • Thanks for sharing ur journey and congrats on one year free that's brilliant 👀

  • Great post by Walk by Faith! Congratulations on your one year quit and also for your very informative and - from my experience - very accurate post. I vape for a while now and definitely it's been a wonderful tool in my quit toolkit. I never bought VG only or 30/70 eliquids - kind of thought they were for PG intolerants, but after reading your post, I think I will be ordering a 30/70 ratio next time because I prefer milder throat hit and bigger clouds. And you know what? I'm vaping 3 mg also, which is next to nothing in nicotine content. Yay to us! :-)

  • Try Max VG as well. Max VG is what those guys are using in cloud comps. Massive clouds!

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