Need help to quit smoking!!

I'm planning to get dental implants from Pearl Dental in Burlington. My dentist have asked me to quit smoking prior to the procedure. I have asked him to schedule my next appointment after one month as I need time for quitting my smoking habit. I smoke nearly 5 cigarettes a day and I'm not sure if I can quit it all of a sudden. I need some advice, please help!!!

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  • Hi Olga, just think of them lovely teeth. Make sure you plan your quit, are you going to use NRT? Plan a date and go for it. Stay close to this site as great people here to support you on your quit journey. Read some of the pinned posts , helpful information. Take one day at a time, you can do it . Good Luck :)

  • Welcome Olga, What a good reason to quit smoking. Maddy has given you good advice. If your unsure what to use ask your g.p. or pharmacist for advice. Keep coming on this site for help and encouragement. Dont forget we need a piccy of you and your lovely white sparkly smile in a months time. xxx :)

  • Hi Olga

    as Maddyg says plan your quit and stay close to the site. I stopped smoking for similar reasons and have been told that no point having dental implants if you keep smoking as they will only last about a year due to loss of gum tissue due to smoking - so a very good reason to not start again once you've had it done! :)

    Be positive and decide if your going to need something like NRT or Champix to help you, make an appointment with your doctor or stop smoking nurse to discuss your options and enlist their support - Good luck and keep us updated :) :)

  • Hi Olga and welcome to quit support😊

    Dental implants ooh how lovely and a great incentive too🚭

    You could try cutting them out gradually, as in 4 tomorrow and 3 the next day etc etc. I see you've got some good advice from our lovely members already. Have a look at the pinned post 'making a quit smoking plan' and also 'which NRT do you think would suit you' Good luck🍀 We're always here to help and we say NOPE not one puff ever🚭😊

  • Hi olga and welcome.

    You have such a great reason to quit and stay quit..those pearly whites will be your constant reminder😀😀

    Make the decision to quit...and as Nike say. JUST DO IT 👍👍🚭🚭🚭😜😜

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