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A bit of stress in week 2 but still NOPE

Morning all

Thanks again for this wonderful resource. It has been an interesting few days for sure, but thankfully the cold turkey remains cold and turkey-like! I will share what the stress is about, as this site is already quickly teaching me that it is good to share!

The same weekend that I quit (so 9 days ago) I found a small lump on one of my testicles. A note to self was made, and following a few days of consideration, I was at the GP's letting him have a good old feel yesterday. Good and bad news really, the good being he was very pleased I'd come to see him. The bad news was it is a concern and I'm now on the less than 2 week waiting list to see the urologist for an ultrasound and discussion about having the chap chopped!

Clearly I am pretty anxious. But my wife is being great and supportive, and my younger daughter is one today so we can focus on that. The aches and pains from quitting have now of course been severely concentrated by anxiety, but it is still NOPE from me.

Smiles to you all.


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Hi Nick,

That's awful news. You have done the right thing tho going to the doctors and getting it checked out. I guess u will just have to go for the next tests and see what the results are.

You don't know what it is yet and could be anything.

I would be anxious too and would probably put off going to the doctors.

From other experiences Iv had I can only say it's best knowing what's what and working through it rather than waiting and worrying.

Hope u have a lovely day with ur family on your daughters birthday.

Eat cake - don't smoke

Take care 😇


Good on ya Nick for not lighting up👏🎉

Thank goodness your dr is looking after you .......

Try and not light up during this stressful time...... Smoking causes stress not the opposite which we all use to believe........

Stay in touch with us.....


Ps. Not One Puff


You have OUR support, too!


Hiya Nick, I'm gonna respond to the good news first and say well done for 9 days quit and enjoy your lovely daughters 1st Birthday coz it's a big milestone😊

On to the not so good news, what a terrible time you've had worrying and now the wheels are in motion for your ultrasound, I hope you're not waiting too much longer. Thankyou for sharing this with us and sending lots of positive vibes to you. I admire your courage for keeping your quit going, well done Nick😊x


Well done Nick on going to see your GP many men in your position don't. Well you are now in the system so hopefully it won't be too long a wait..... So fingers crossed.

Hope you were able to celebrate your daughters 1st birthday today, what a great smoke free memory 😊👍

I'm also delighted that you have not given in hun, it wouldn't help ya only add to your anxiety 😊


Hi Nick and well done on your 9 days quit

Sorry to hear about your health condition but so proud of you for staying smoke free. That sure takes some courage with what your dealing with

Focus on your little one's birthday today and enjoy the special occasion.


A lump like that can be a cyst or completely benign, so don't worry about it.

And yes , because you have now stopped smoking you are going to focus so much on your health, you will turn into a hypochondriac.

Stop worrying.

If you think about it when we smoked we rarely gave a thought to a bad cough or sore though or coughing your lungs up. As soon as you stop we worry about the slightest irritation.

Sort the ball out :-) and start blooming enjoying being free and no longer a slave.



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