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After smoking for 12 years and a pack a day for the last 5 I finally got the courage to give the little monster the boot. a few years back a friend of mine gave me allen carr's easyway. I read a few chapters but tbh I don't think my heart was in it back then. I finished reading the book last Thursday and had my last cig Thursday night. Friday was a stressful day at work but then most days are in my industry. Went for afterwork drinks and stayed clean after 3 glasses of wine and was feeling really positive. However ive been feeling really emotional this evening and all I want to do is eat a pizza. I don't want to smoke and I dont want to use substitiutes butaccording to allen, if Ive really absorbed the content of the book, I it shouldn't be feeling shite. Right?

Anyone else out there who stopped using easyway/cold turkey? Can you share your first weeks experience?

cassie xx

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  • Hi cassie, great that you've quit 😆😆 I didn't read the book but others on here have..... I know that no two quits are the same and we all deal with it differently.... wanting to eat loads is not unusual and neither is feeling emotional, we all seem to go through it at some point of our quit 😮

    Stick with it as it will get easier..... I promise 😆😆 am sure some of our lovely quitters will be along shortly that have read the book... 😆😆

  • Thanks DJ. Im sure tomorrow will be better. Trying really hard not to order a pizza right now! :P

  • I'm on my 13th day of cold turkey what you wanna know


  • Did you have cold sweats? I am so sweaty its actually disgusting. I walked for 20min today and mytop was drenched in sweat and im not unfit i do workout at leat 2 -3 times a week.

    Do you feel better? Im not talking about wanting to smoke but do you feel happy or ok? Im also breaking out in spots today. Is that normal?

    sorry about the multiple questions but im just wondering when the physical and emotional symptoms go. Ie not the craving but the actual withrawal symptoms.

  • Cassie, if your not coughing, then I suspect the sweating is another way of your body getting rid of all that flippin crap that you get with smoking :o :) :) Soooo, please exercise as much as you can :)

    As for the spots, yeah, there pretty normal, again its just your body reacting to not having any ermmm, crap in it :) they shouldnt last long :)

  • I had no sweats but my skin got a bit spotty .. I feel so great the further I get from smoking the better I feel once or twice I have broken my heart for what would seem no reason xxx let me know if you need anythin else TWO WEEKS TODAY FOR ME XX

  • Woohoo toots, massive congrats for 2 weeks quit🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Well done, you're doing brilliant👍😊x

  • Yay congrats :) I think a few spots are better than grey and yellow skin!

    well done on 2 weeks. I'll be joining your league soon :)

  • Weeeeeeeeeeeeee Ickyyyyyyyyyyy, am doing the bum wiggle dance for ya gal and I tell you, I dont just do it for anybody you know :o :D :D

    Icky, am sooooo proud of you gal :) :) hmmmm, well what the heck xx :) if ya dont want em, just chuck em out a the window :o

  • Wiggle wiggle wiggle <3 happy girl hear xxx

  • Aup Cassie, its lovely to see you :) and a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support forum :) :)

    Cassie, whether it be through Allen carrs book or any other way, you have made that vital first decision to quit :) :) that will probably be the most important decision you have made in your life :) :)

    We are all different Cassie, our bodies are different and our minds are different, sooo, we all tend to have different side affects or reactions to quitting :o

    Cassie, if you fancy a pizza then flippin have one gal, just send hubby out for it :) :)

    As for you feeling like ermmm, not very good eh, thats sort of the norm in the first few days, we call it the quitters flu :o :D :D most of us seem to get it :o but it will pass in a few days :)

    Maybe read the book again to strengthen your will to quit :) Look Cassie, there is no easy way to quit, you have to put some of your energy into it :) :)

    We have a Mantra on here Cassie and thats NOPE, Not One puff Ever :)

    Take care now :) Pete :)

  • Thanks pete :)

    I am coughing a bit but sweating so much more. Actually wake up in the middle of the night drenched. Makes me think how toxic these little things actually are...

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Can't wait for this to pass and behealthy again!

  • Cassie, if you dont mind me asking :o do you have weird dreams during the night ? cos this may be a reason your sweating :o There is a post about vivid dreams that may help you :)

    I will nip and bring it up for you :)

  • I don't really remember my dreams. Usually I fall asleep no problem and stay asleep for the whole night. Maybe its just my body detoxing?

    any reading material at this point would be helpful. Also any experiences of withdrwal symptoms and when they stopped. I can go through all of this if I know that its temporary.

    Don't want to be a sweaty beast forever!

    Thanks cassie xx

  • Ha ha ha Cassie, am flippin positive that you will not be a sweaty beast forever :D :D :D Luvs ya ta bits gal :) :)

    If you need some reading Cassie, just look to the right of your post and you will see TOPICS, just clic on any of them in blue and you got some flippin reading gal :o :)

    Take care now, cos av got to go do some adminininin now :o

    PS, when did you actually quit the smokes, then I can add you to the Wall of Winners and catch you a Winners badge when you need one eh :) :)

  • I had my last death stick 74hours ago :)

  • Not much lasts a week but im at two and feelin much much much better about every thing sleepin wise xx

  • Hiya Cassie and welcome to quit support😊

    Well done on making the great decision to quit and you will feel better when all those horrible toxins get out of your system. This friendly forum will help you every step of the way. So here's to freedom from the little monster😊x

  • Cheers to that :) xx

  • Hi Cassie and a big warm welcome to quit support.

    Good on you for making the decision to quit smoking as it truly is the best thing you can do for your health and your pocket :) :)

    I read Allen Carrs book about a month after I quit smoking cold turkey.

    You will find that we all experience different symptoms as our bodies heal from all the nasty chemicals from cigarettes.

    I highly recommend that you take a read of some of the information under the topics heading to the right of the screen as there is a wealth of information on what to expect.

    I found for the knowledge of what the common symptoms are really helped with unnecessary panic :D :D however with that said, if you do have any health concerns, dont hesitate to see your GP

    If its any help, i too became very emotional in those early weeks but like everything else, it soon passed :) :)

    All the very best on your quit journey :) :)

  • thats a good idea. I might head to see my gp next week!

  • I stop Turkey last Monday, May 25. The first 3 days was a great feeling. Breathing better, no more cough and I very positive. The 4 th day was hard a bit, intense cravings and agressitivity installed it self. Today is my 6 th day and don't really have cravings but I am snapping easily for no reason... I'm staying positive and tell my safe I'm a non smoker probably 500 times a day!! 😃😃😃

  • Thanks for sharing. That makes me feeel a lot better.

    Congrats on making day 6 cold turkey :)

  • Congrats to you to, it's not all pink everyday...but so much better then smoking!! Stay positive during your journey, you can do it!!!

  • Well done Nat, you'll be 1 week quit tomorrow, fantastic👏👏

    You've done the hardest bit and you'll soon be heading into week 2👍😊x

  • Thank you Briar, have you seen my post today? Just now??? Lol

  • Yep just replied to ya now hun😊x

  • Lol I saw

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