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It's gonna be ok!

After Fridays blip I'm back on that horse. Thank you everyone . You know what? I feel stronger. The blip made me realise just how much I wanted this . After years of ambivalence I gave up for an event ( my daughters wedding) which has now passed - and with it some of my determination. I kept going because i had already gone so long without a cig that it seemed a shame not to .....

But now - now I know how i would feel if I really slipped ,and I dont want to go there . Some of you have posted about waiting for that extra energy - to look and feel younger - and wondering when it was all going to happen. Me too. Till the blip.

Then I remembered how I used to feel - and how once or twice lately I have been surprised by not feeling so tired , how my skin does look better and how I dont have to worry about my grandaughters finding cigarettes in my handbag or in a drawer, how i can drink without getting a horrible hangover - and dont have to sneak outside in the rain and snow for a fag so dont miss any of the gossip. How I dont feel guilty and stupid and wake every morning with a sore throat and tight chest.

Now I really really want it - not for my daughters wedding , not for anyone elae . For me. And you lot.

Thank you again , thank you all.

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Wow mj,

Good on you! You're an inspiration 😀

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I am so very proud of you...

You are an inspiration to us all :) :)

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Ahh mj good for you that you got straight back on it......👍😃

But you need to find a different crutch in times of stress. That ole nic will get us whichever way he can so we need to be prepared..... Try writing out on a bit of paper how this blip has made you feel and whether it actually reduced your stress or made your daughter better.....then laminate it and keep it in your purse. That way every time your tempted you can take it out to remind yourself it's not worth it😊

Good luck hun😊

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Wow, thanks for sharing a great post and well done for getting back on it, I'm so proud of you👍🏼😊x


GREAT "comeback" attitude!


Really good post sounds really positive X



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