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Quitters gonna quit! HA

My husband is on day 9! My BFF has quit. And I have two other friends that are now in the early stages of trying to quit.

The two friends...one is a lifelong gf for nearly 30 years and the other - her boyfriend, I don't understand him at all; he had a heart blockage, almost died then almost lost his foot/leg only to get out of the hospital to light up immediately and grab a beer. I am concerned for them, they live in another state and that's a good 6-7 hours away from me. I honestly think they may need AA. They are already toxic to each other, we are all in our early 40's and they make each other jealous like high school kids would. It's sad and gross. I am saying too much I guess, guess I'm venting. I just worry for my gf and in turn I want her happy and she wants this guy. Ha - funny how the heart works huh?!

Good day to all you nonsmokers! You look fabulous!


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Hey Coco,

How are you!!!!!

Way to go.......... You've been an awesome example for so many people including me and I'm sure others on this site!!!!!!!

Yes............ The heart has a very strange way of working.......

Take great care




Great to see ya doing so well Cocoa and encouraging others to give up as well👍🏼

Hopefully your friends will follow the great example you've set😊

It's good to vent and hope they realise what a good friend you are💐

Unfortunately love is blind☹️


Thanks for the encouragement! :)


Whoohooo coco that's fantastic about hubby and friends (except maybe the toxic bit🙀😊)

And well done to you for a fantastic quit too 😊😊👍👍🚭🚭🚭🚭

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Hubby sure is crabby. And he does tell me how hard it is to quit. LOL - he's precious. I let him vent and ramble all b/c I know all too well exactly what he's talking about!


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