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I know it's early for a Sunday

I just wanted to send in a quick update as I've been quiet lately (makes a change for me).

I'm on day 36 of my quit and i'm finally getting some uncomfortable side effects. My chest is rough, my mouth is sore and my gums are bleeding. I've also come down with a horrible cold so I feel rubbish.

But check out the positives..... I get to stay in bed longer every morning as I don't have to get up to feed my habit. I can watch a whole football match at home without having to "take a break". I can sit with my boy and play games without stopping to have a puff. I can get through a meeting with only coffee as the stimulant to keep me awake. I have also paid £160 on to my credit card bill.

So when I feel grouchy and think that maybe a cigarette would remove that feeling, I think about all the good things. The habits I have changed, the behaviours I have changed, how far I have come and what I have achieved.

So thank you for letting me share, thank you for all the support, the wise words and the laughs. Have a great Sunday everyone.

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Good morning , after31years, Sorry you seem to have got a horrid cold etc., but WOW! what a lovely positive attitude you have. I am so happy for you. Enjoy your holiday time and look forward to a smokefree New Year. xxx :)


Hey! Well just wanted to say well done you! I'm suffering too with this horrid germ and now have probs coughing and generally feel like rubbish but was thinking the same as you at least I'm not sitting here puffing away regardless of choking and spluttering cos I no I used to when I was ill, how damaging must that have been??? How stupid aswell lol, also we will recover quicker as we are non smokers now, glad you are keeping strong and enjoying more time with your son xxxx


Hiya after, sorry you're not feeling too good but things will get better, so hang in there :)

Loving all your positives so thanks for sharing as it gives us all strength to carry on :)

Enjoy your Sunday and well done to you :) :) x


WOW after31years I think that you have got an additional 160 good reasons to be feeling positive.... way to go in in putting that much off your credit card, just think of the interest you have just saved :) i Iove that you are spending more quality smoke free time with your son too, how wonderful :)

Sorry your feeling poorly but it could just be one of the zillion bugs doing the rounds at the moment... :(


Aup After, its great to hear from you :) and doing soooooooo well on your quit too :) :)

I just love your positive attitude :) :) just give it time and you will find loads more positives to quitting too :)

There are a lot of colds about at the moment, just hope this wintry spell were having at the moment will kill some of them germs off eh :)

Please keep in touch and you come a shouting if you need any help :)

Pete :)


Hi after31years Sorry you are not feeling very well. I hope you feel much better soon. You are really doing well keep up the good work. And well done for 36 days smoke free :D


Well done for your perseverance! I have never smoked, but it end to put on weight easily, so always seemed to be dieting before my accident. That feeling of 'craving' is so strong and ugly! Good luck with your all your efforts! X


Hi yes well done to being smoke free x

hopefully you will soon feel better , but not smoking helps as I've had cold recently and been cough free

best wishes

love liz x


as is always on here, WELL done!! xx


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