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3 months in and rocking it like a boss ......kinda

Hello my hard quitting amigos 😄✋✋ my story so far is Ive been quit 12 weeks 2 days , 24 years a loyal heavy smoker ,When I decided to quit and do it ,it was surprisingly easier then I imagined , I quit cold turkey btw , I'm finding it tougher now then at the start of this journey if I'm honest . I find myself romancing about smoking and looking back at the "good ole days" of smoking , other side effects im going thru is I literally can't be bothered to anything other then eat eat and eat some more , my body aches and I can't say ive come into any more energy yet .. But apart from that ive enjoyed quitting and all the benefits it has brought back to me 😄 I guess ive joined up for the shared experience and continued support I feel like the longer road is gonna be tougher then the short term ..

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Hi food thief and a big warm welcome to quit support 😀😀

Congratulations on your 12 week quit.

Have a red of some of the information under the topic headings and you will see that what you are experiencing is very common.

You have got through the worst hardest part. Like you, I too quit cold turkey and found the quit rather easy. The symptoms of recovery were not nice, but so worth it.

What helped me was by putting a lot of energy into turning negative thoughts into positive affirmations.

try not to see it has losing something but gaining control 😀😀

You are doing so well.. We have a wee mantra we use- NOPE not one puff ever 😀😀😀

Can you let us know your quit date so we can add you to the wall of winners.

Keep up the great quitt you have there😀😀😀👍👍

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Thankyou for your kind words 3rd June quit date

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We do have a great bunch of members all sharing the same journey. There is generally someone around most parts of the day/night. I am in Australia so my evenings are your day times 🌗

The support from the members is truly amazing and I for one would not have been so successful in staying smoke free without their ongoing support 👍👍😀

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Romancing about smoking.... Ahh tell me about it 😅😅😅

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Hiya food thief, welcome to quit support 😊

Loving the name😂 you have done a terrific job on your quit so well done on 12 weeks, great achievement👍🏼

You've come to the right place for support coz as you say, it's the long road and there can be twists and turns in it. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your journey😊x

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Hi and welcome food thief,

This all sounds so familiar.

Looking back at the good old days- yes, I felt like I'd lost my best friend.

I also quit cold turkey but it did get easier for me after a few months and I'm sure it will for you.

I didn't have any euphoric changes to my health or energy levels but my chest definitely felt better- less coughing and not so sore.

I think the biggest plus was that I no longer had the guilt and worry of the damage I was doing to myself every time I had a cig.

I've put weight on since stopping but ,hey, I think that extra 7lb is probably a lot less damaging than smoking.

It is a battle and for me I think it always will be but it certainly gets a lot easier as you learn to deal with the triggers that make you want to smoke.

You're doing great so far and it only get better.




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