The Grey Wolf

The Grey Wolf

Hey everyone.... Just checking in to say .....NOPE NOT ONE PUFF EVER!!!!!!!!

I'm breezing through the hours of this fine day but sometimes I want to smoke...period !

And when I get like that I bring out my reasons I NEED to NOT smoke

- in my family among smoking women

- amputations from circulatory problems from smoking

- multiple strokes starting at a young age ( women)

I really do not want to be disabled by the tobacco industry.

The selling of cigarettes should be illegal

So let's keep up the good work and be good to ourselves❤️

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  • Well said Arizona and a beautiful pic too, so thankyou😊x

  • Hi Briarwood🌷I'm just taking a break from work Its hard to know when my friends on this site will be awake haha so I thought I better say hello before everyone goes to bed. I was talking to glolin this morning at 4:30am and she was just about ready for bed. But it's fun and interesting keeping in touch with everyone from all over the world. It's going on 2pm here where I am in western Canada !!!

    Have a wonderful evening Briarwood xx

  • Yeah it sure is😉 that puts me 7 hours ahead of you as it's 9pm. We are lucky to have friends around the world😊x

  • Hi Arizona .. always good to hear from you ..great pics, especially the wildlife pics and the mountain landscape from the other day. I'm 2hrs "ahead" of you and 5hrs "behind" the UK ... it's probably already "tomorrow" (haha) where Linda & our Australian friends live!

    You're doing great! All the Best! -WILL

  • yes it is - almost 9am TGIF :D :D

  • Aup Will, I hope your feeling better by the day :) :)

    Ha ha its very nearly tomorrow in the UK toooooo :D :D we got about 23.40 here now :o :)

    Your going great guns on your quit journey Will :) :) but if you need any help, please just ask and we will try to help you :) :)

    Have a lovely evening :)

  • Thanks Pete, I may yet be restored to sanity despite myself!

  • Ha ha ha love it Will :D :D

  • Hi Will😊

    Good to hear from you..... I just finished working for the day......I think I drank waaaay too much coffee today hahaha I feel jittery..... Better watch that too.....seems good health is all about good management mentally and physically seems like its so much work on some're doing so good despite all the work it takes....way to soon🌻

  • Arizona, I cant fault you one little bit gal :) :) this is why I think its so important to make a quit plan from the start, so when the going gets a bit tough, you just get your list of reasons to quit and read them back to yourself :)

    Am loving the pic gal, as always :) :)

  • Hi Pete. Thanks. Ya I really do need to have my quit plan engrained in my mind or on a piece of can be a whirlwind of events... It can catch us off guard....Nope Not One Puff Ever xx

  • Arizona, when I quit, I made a list of all the WHY's I wanted to quit, printed them off and stuck em all over the place :o :D :D even in my garage where I thought I might get the urge to have a smoke :o and it does get embedded in your brain after a while :) and it helps :)

    You are doing soooo well Arizona, you really are :) :)

    Like you say, Not One Puff Ever :) :) xx

  • Thanks Pete🌷 that's great advice for everyone We all really do need to believe that cigarettes are a slow death. I wish everyone the best of health. I'm so glad I'm past the first few weeks haha. Those were tough weeks physically. Okay talk soon xx

  • Great looking badge there Arizona.. a Massive congratulations on getting through your first month as a non smoker..AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  • Hello glolin☎️

    You know it's funny........ I completely forgot it's my one month today..... I must be getting use to my new non smoking lifestyle!!!

    Thanks for being here for me every step of the way🌷

    Arizona xx

  • WAYYYYYY HAYYYYYYY Arizona, this the first of many months quit gal :) :) :) and I hope your as PROUD of you as I am :) :)

    I cant fault you one little bit Arizona, cos thats the way to go gal :) :) :) xx

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