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Thanks but I dont smoke.

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Good morning everyone, Had a brill day yesterday. Went on a shopping spree for shoes , slippers and a pair of jeans. It felt good as I knew how much I had saved by not smoking.

Well that was a good feeling , Then later on we had some friends round.

they were smokers. I was asked if I would like one . It felt really good as i said "thanks but I dont smoke" and my hubby smiled and said no neither of us smoke. They had a ciggy , but apart from the smell of smoke which wasnt pleasant it didnt bother me.

Take care everyone. Jillygirl.

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Morning Jilly, well done to you. Even less than a week in when my friend came round I found it quite easy and she was smoking across the table from me.

Hope you didn't have to get a bigger pair of jeans!

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jillygirlAdministrator in reply to andi22

Amazing what you think will be hard to cope with turns out ok isnt it.

Glad you are coping. And funny enough I have lost a bit of weight, so cant be bad. Take care love. Jillygirl.

Hurrah to shopping day goodness, glad you've treated yourself and check you out with the willpower thing going on I don't think I would've been so polite. If I am out walking with my boyfriend and he sparks up I tell him sternly to "take that revolting THING out of my breathing zone" and he backs off until it's finished. I am a bit evil I think ;)

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monkyAdministrator in reply to Lenne

No-No- No you are not evil Lenne!! you are just protecting yourself, now that you are a NONSMOKER, well you never know gal, it might just make him ''think'', you love him to bits untill he lights up, then go off him a bit, if you see what i am trying to say, i'm sorry i talk in riddles sometimes gal, i know i do!!!! Luv ya, and you keep in there gal, you are doin fantastic!! :)


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jillygirlAdministrator in reply to Lenne

You sound just like my daughter did when she quit smoking. In fact she had a few goes at me. Now as a none smoker its easier to understand. May be he will understand given time.

Take care . Jillygirl

You know Pete, that's spot on. I never thought it would bother me this much but it really does and he tries to give me a hug and kiss me and gets upset when I pull away and I try to tell him politely it's because he REEKS of smoke and even though the smell disgusts me, I know deep down a part of me misses that revolting smoking going into my lungs. It's a horrible feeling and he just doesn't get it. I wonder if smokers think non-smokers are making a big fuss just to make them feel bad and I cant speak for anyone else, but I certainly don't want to make anyone feel bad but when it directly affects me I feel I should have the right to say "don't invade my space with your stink". Is that really such a sin? :(

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monkyAdministrator in reply to Lenne

Lenne that is no sin whatsoever gal, you have got to think about No1 now!!!! which is YOU, Lenne it is!!, your still very young and in your prime gal!!!! and he needs to know how you feel about it!!!!

Ask him to smoke out side, and get some air fresheners around the house, so that he knows you mean it!!!! dont you be sad gal!!!! keep looking forwards to better days, as in he might just get the message!!!!

You keep smiling gal, luv ya. :) :) :)


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Jillygirl, you are ACE gal, i cant fault you one little bit!!!!, not only did you say NO to an offer for a ciggie, but you let them smoke in your house!!!! as well, you are one hell of a super LADY, you and i now know that you are a NONESMOKER, and dosnt that feel GREAT!!!!! :) and wasnt it great that your hubby backed you up!!, i now know he is a man after my own heart, you look after him gal!! luv ya and will speak later. :)


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jillygirlAdministrator in reply to monky

Thanks Pete for those lovely comments, Now I feel weepy cos someone understands me. Stupid I know but thats me. love ya!


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Hey Jillygirl, how made up were you? :-) I bet you were well chuffed! Glad you discovered it wouldn't be as hard a task to do as you thought.

I am so proud of you, well done :-)

This is something i have to get used to saying "I don't" smoke and it feels odd but so good to have finally done it.

take care too

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