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Replacing the urge?!

Hi, I am 31yr old Mother of 2 & I had been smoking for 13years. I have recently fallen unwell and due to this have chosen this time to quit smoking. I have to quit. I have had pneumonia twice in the last 3 months and this time there is further concern with my lungs and I'm undergoing further testing. Today is day 8 for me without a cig & a Saturday so this is the time in the arvo that I would sit down for a beer and a smoke. (Which I can't have either due to illness) so... My natural instinct is to want to cry, then I snap out of that and feel mad & then take myself to my room because I don't know what to do with myself. i guess my question is how do you find a replacement that isn't food or what does other people do when they get that strong cravings to get away from it?!

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Hi dointitforhealth and welcome to quit support

Congratulations on your 8 day quit 😀😀👍👍

Craving only last a few minutes so try just slow deep breaths. There are some great breathing exercises under the pinned posts that have helped many people..drink lots of water as this helps flush all the toxins out.

Keeping your hands busy helps..a thing that worked for me was blutack I used to always have a piece and kept playing with it..sounds a bit lame, but it helped me in those early weeks. Eating is common due to the hand mouth thing..have some chopped up veggie sticks or fruit on hand 😀😀

Walking is also a good one as it clears the head and you can walk through anger or frustration 😀😀👍👍

Be careful with drinking - this is when so many cave..make sure your friends are aware of your quit and ask them to help,you stay true to your quit if drinking.. The most important thing is to really want to be smoke free..ride the waves ..and enjoy the journey..it is so worth it to have a healthier and wealthier life😀😀👍👍🍀🍀🍀

LInda x


Hi Linda, thank you for your reply and helpful tips. I am avoiding drinking for that very reason and as I am unwell I will continue to do so while on antibiotics. (4 weeks) hopefully by then I'll be less crazy. This whole quitting thing isn't for the faint hearted, it is Challenging but I am determined to give it up. I have had this belief that smoking was who I was and without it - 'who am i' This is the mindset I'm trying to free myself of at the moment. I guess there is a lot of my life that formed around the habit of smoking and its just about changing multiple habits. Thanks again for your support & helpful words of advice.

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Hi Linda , I've missed you on site... great advice! Hope you're doing well❤️️❤️️

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I have been very unwell and needed a bit of time. Lost one of my pooches too so it has been a pretty sad time as well..slowly but surely i am regaining my health


I'm sorry to hear that Linda ! This is a very unhappy time for you . Sending you love and best wishes xxxxx


Hi doinitforhealth, and a big welcome, and well done on your 8 day quit👏👏👏😀 you have had some great advice off Linda, stay close to us and we will support you on your quit journey and shout out if you need help



Lollipops or peppermint


Welcome doinitforhealth 😊

Many people use nicotine replacement instead of cold turkey Either one is an option The habit of lighting up is hard to break just keep your reason you want to quit firm in your mind and use peer support to keep up your determination!!

You can do this !!! My first 4 months were hard and then the sense of freedom I felt in the 5th month was amazing !!!

All the best🇨🇦🍀xx


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