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3rd time lucky

I have tried to quit a few times before but have always managed to get back on the fags - you tell yourself that just one won't matter but it does - it's the slippery slope back to 20 a day. I did read somewhere that it can take up to 5-6 tries to quit completely. I'm certainly feeling more positive this time around. Don't give up on giving up everyone - see you on the other (smoke free) side :)

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That you are feeling positive is massive. That you bothered to sign up to this site is great. Go for it. We're all behind you :)


Good luck and sending you some will power :)


Hi ya Jaxter10, a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support family :) :) and a flippin missive big well done to you for getting to your 3rd day quit :) :)

I will put your quit date down as 26th September 2015 :) if any different, please feel free to slap the backs of my legs, cos that should wake me up eh :D :D

Jaxter, yes, am sure most of us have had numerous attempts at quitting :o BUT, these were practice runs to the real thing :) Try to think back at your practice runs and try to find out where you went wrong :o then, try to think how to combat that this time :)

I'm sooo glad you feeling more positive this time around :) cos this is what you need, that WANT to quit feeling :) STAY quit feeling :) and LOVE being smokefree :) just you remember NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) :)

Jaxter, if you need any help what so ever, please, please come on here and we will try to help you :) The members on here are a fantastic bunch of lovely helpful caring people :) :) and I love em alllllllllllll :) :)

Pete :) xx


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