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Hi Folks!

Hi Folks .. thanks again for being there! I'm almost at the two week mark and yesterday and today I experienced a noticeable lessening of anxiety ... what a relief and hope for the future. All of your support has really helped in the recent past as -- well, you know how it feels!

Having recovered from another addiction, I know that when you just start to feel a little better you must remember to keep your guard up! Ohhh .. just "one" won't hurt ... NOPE!

Also, I have had a chance to search and browse some other related posts on the website .. there truly is a LOT of very interesting and HELPFUL information available -- in addition to the personal encouragement.

All the best! -Will

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Hiya will, great to see you're doing so well👍🏼

Yep unfortunately we have to keep our guard up but you're aware of it and we just have to remember NOPE and that way we'll stay smoke free🚭

Keep up the good work👏🏼😊x

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Well done will, see eventually the symptoms can change.... keep up the great quit you've got going on hun 😊😊

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Hi ya Will, thats great news pal and am soo glad your doing so well on your quit trail too :) :) But like you said, that flippin mr nic can strike at any time :o so you stay focused and positive on your quit and he wont get back in eh :) :)

As you say Will, theres lots of infow and advice on here :) but if you cant find what your looking for, or you have a question in your mind, then please just fire away pal and we will try to answer it for you :) :)

Will, just you keep thinking WHY your doing this :o and for what reasons :) :)

Take care pal and all the best to you too :) :)


Keep it up Will!

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