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I need your advice folks x

We have a holiday booked for September and it's going to be my first without any form of nicotine at all.I stopped using my ECig in January.To be quite honest I'm terrified of going away with nothing at all.I'll be just 3 days away from my first quit anniversary when we go & I know that'll possibly keep me going but how do I cope with nothing.I walk past a new ECig shop on my way to and from the gym and have honestly thought of getting another ECig and some liquid just in case but part of me wants to stay nicotine free.I struggled too hard to get to where I am to go back but even just thinking of going away makes me want to run for the nicotine. HELP.

Hugs all


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hi yellowsnowdrop, you have helped me in the past and your a good and strong lady. i suggest you get one of those e-ciggies and keep it i its plastic tube and say "i dont need you"



Hi H, I don't think you will have a problem hun as like Martin says, you are a really strong woman :)

Look if your getting anxious about it, I have some lozenges I can send you that you can just put in your handbag, but I guarantee you will not use them (they are pretty disgusting). Its not like puffing on an ecig (and cheaper to throw away when you get back)..... :)

You should be looking forward to your hols and planning what your going to do whilst your there..... where are you going? is it abroad or good old blighty :D :D



OY flippin Droopydraws, what time do you call this then :o huh, a young Woman like you should be in bed now zzzzzzzzzzing it, typical flippin Woman, keeps us poor blokes awake :P :P :D :D :D

If I'd have finished work on time, I would have been on here to listen to all your waffle ;) :D :D but alas I had to work late again, lucky escape eh :| :D :D saying that, I think I best vanish pretty smartish eh :D :D

Seeee's ya soon gal :) xx


Yep I know - I was out drinking last nite and it was quite difficult as almost everyone I was with was a smoker..... was quite wired when I got in so couldn't sleep... hence why I was on here at 2ish..... :D


At least you didnt get tempted to have one eh :) :)


Absolutely.... made sure I had told them all that I had given up not long after got there so they wouldn't offer me one :D


Nice one gal :) :)


Thanks Droopy my friend for the really kind offer of lozenges but I still have an inhilator that I got when I first quit & never really used coz it just didn't work.Your kind offer reminded me it was in the kitchen cupboard so I dug it out.To e honest I think that the thinking about going away is probably worse than doing it,like most things I figure I just gotta suck it up and get on with it.What makes it worse is that were going back to Thailand and every time I've been there I've been a smoker.I'll survive. Hugs and HUGE thanks H x


Thailand......... oh you are sooooooooooooooooooooo lucky, I have holiday envy :(

Well doing new things in life is a bit of a thrill, you are going somewhere you have been but as a non smoker. That to me is like going to the cinema and seeing a very funny film & every time you watch it you find something else to laugh at as you missed that bit coz you were laughing last time.... well this time you'll see different bits as you wont be searching thru your bag looking for smokes & then lighting it/stubbing it out,,,,,,,,, you get to see everything :D



H, you've got nothing to worry about gal, cos I know your a very strong Lady :) :)

If it helps, like Julie and Martin have said, then take something with you so then you know in the back of your mind, you have help if you need it eh :)

You are always better off having a bit of nicotine than a real smoke, but I tell you gal, I have got full confidence in you, sooooo, you have nothing to worry about see :) :)

You just think about enjoying your holiday and the joys will come to you H :) :)

Speak soon, Pete :) xx


Hey Y.S. Only you knows how you feel.If you are that concerned, buy a cheap disposable e cig and it's there if you need it. Where are you going? Every country i've visited, you can buy e cigs, so check on the net to see if there is a shop near where you are going.I am soooooooo impressed with your exercise regime ...wtg girl!!!!!!!!! You are putting the rest of us to shame. I'm off to catch the train to Edale, we have an 8 mile walk today. Perfect weather for it .. lol.Stay strong and focused, you can do it. Big Hugs xx


I really think you will be absolutely fine, and agree with the disposable ecig idea. It can be a comfort to know it is there, just in case. And if you use it, that's OK :)

But I don't think you'll need it. After a year without, it really isn't attractive, and most people don't. You'd feel like a pariah, as most of the other smokers do, probably. I noticed that on my hols. Its just not cool anymore, specially not for grownups :) :)

And you a very strong grownup for sure :)

Our inspiration, in fact.

So impressed with your strength and determination, Helen, quitting, exercise, weight loss, loads more that we dont know about! and always kind and just the right thoughtful words. Just want to thank you, even if it's off-topic for this post!

So if anyone deserves a lovely, relaxing, smoke free holiday, it is you, lovely :) :)

Where are you going and what you doing?



Helen, wtg girl you have a fab holiday you deserve it, personally I don't think you will need a comfort blanket but agree if it makes you feel better take a disposable ecig with you but bet you don't use it, you are wicked and will not allow it to get to you. I went away in March took some gum with me but didn't use it at all, too many other things to concentrate on came back and straight on the gum again, just goes to show sometimes it's just habit have a wonderful time Helen x


Hi Helen, you always give out such good advice to us and you are a non smoker now and will have a fabulous holiday as a non smoker :) be very very proud of your achievements :) x


Where would I be without you all? Love you all to bits.The hol was MEANT to be our 5th trip to Thailand but there's some political unrest out there so we cancelled (gutted really) and we're going back to Icmeler in Turkey.Love Icmeler,not half as busy and crowded as Marmaris and with stunning scenery. We were there last April and it was just lovely,met some great Turkish people and just chilled out.Thailand will wait I guess but if you've never been think about going at some time,we go to Hua Hin,Rick Stein filmed there for one of his foodie programmes.Just has to be my favourite place in the world.


Love turkey you have made my mind up I am going there next year have a super duper time Helen it will be lovely and you so deserve it my friend x x x


Hi snowdrop, just catching up after being away and somebody may have already suggested this, but how about taking some e cig fluid with no nicotine in it just in case your desperate and fool your brain into thinking it's had something when it hasn't :D


You need a brain for that one Fresher :P :D :D :D


Cheeky Monky haha :D :P


Hi Helen, don't take anything with you - you don't smoke any more. :)

Embrace the fact at the beginning when you go to the airport - you won't have to go back out after check-in to get the last fix, or dash out when you get there, etc. etc. etc.

Enjoy the freedom, and enjoy the holiday. :)


Hi Andi :) :) :)


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