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Violent coughing after 2 years using ecig

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I'm hoping someone can help here because it makes no sense to me! I managed to quit smoking 2 years ago (after 30 odd years) using ecigs (doubt if I would have succeeded without). All's been brilliant until about 4 weeks ago when I started coughing very violently each time I inhail on my ecig. I do not however cough when I'm not using my ecig . I've tried changing my juice to 100% vg but that didn't work. It's really quite scary as it happened so suddenly has anyone got any idea what could be causing this?

11 Replies
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When you first quit coughing is not uncommon. However if you have been quit for 2 years a trip to the doctors wouldn't go a miss. Its your bodies way of getting rid of all the nasty chemicals . It could be you have a chest infection. I myself never used the e.cig , but there are plenty of members on here who have and do use it. They may be able to help you. Meanwhile have a browse around the site , try typing in coughing in the search box top right of this page. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Well done on deciding to Quit. :) xx

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Hi spinynorman and welcome to quit support

Congratulations on your 2 year quit - that is a great effort.

Like Jilly, i too never used and e-cig, however many of our members have.

I too would suggest a visit to your GP as it certainly sounds like a good dose of antibiotics may be all you need. It is better to get checked out for your own peace of mind :) :)

Keep us updated on how you get on :)

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spinynorman in reply to glolin

Thanks to you both for your advice... I'll make an apt. with my GP, hopefully it's nothing serious, I'll let you know.

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droopyJLTW MARVELOUSNESS in reply to spinynorman

Well done Norman.....two years is FANTABULOUS 😊😊 sorry your under the weather hun but definitely think the trip to the docs is on the cards....

Thanks for coming on and's certainly an inspiration and motivation for us to keep going 😊😊

Please let us know how you get on 😊

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Hiya Norman and welcome to quit support 😊

Sorry to hear you're not feeling the best but as the other lovely ladies have said, maybe best to get checked out just to be on the safe side👍🏼

Congratulations on 2 years quit, brilliant achievement so well done to you and hope you're feeling better soon😊x

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Hi Norman, I have quit the cigaretts after 45 years, and like you have done it using an vapour e-cig, but must admit I've never developed a cough, and when I've had a cold I haven't troubled with a cough as much as when smoking :-)

Good luck with your docs appointment, keep in touch, :-)

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Hi all,

Thanks for your messages really supportive! Saw the doc today ( a bit of luck for a Saturday!) It looks like it's a chest infection with accompanying syptoms ( been given anti biotics etc) so hopefully nothing to be too worried about.

Doc did say it could be a legacy from smoking for so long ... seems a bit unfair! :(

Anyway starting to feel better already.

It's a fantastic community you've got here.. wish I'd found it when I first quit, it's so important to know you're not going through it alone.

Norman xx

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BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to spinynorman

Hiya Norman, great that you got sorted at the docs, hopefully you'll be feeling better soon👍🏼😊x

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Hi Norman, I'm sorry, but I did reply to your post, BUT it seems to have vanished :o but saying that, we are having a bit of gremlin trouble at the mow, soo I suspect its them little so and so's :o :D :D

Norman, I see the Ladies have given you the best advice that you can get and you took it :) and am just hoping that those antibiotics kick in quick eh :) and get you sorted out :) :) Am soooo glad your feeling better already :) :)

You take care now Norman and do as the doc says :) and please keep in touch with us :)

PS, if you can remember your actual quit date, I would be most greatful, sooo, I can then add you to the Wall of Winner and keep your Winners badge up to date :)

Pete :)

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spinynorman in reply to monky

Hi Pete,

Thanks for your note, yeah hopefully I'll be sorted soon. I'm not sure what day you count as the quit date, but my last day of smoking was 21st June 2013 , first day without 22nd June 2013 and NOPE since!



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I too have a cough after 2 years of quitting July 2014. . I too have put it down to the vaping and reduced my nic level and increased my VG level. After reading this I am going to see my GP this evening.

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