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At last

I joined this site about 4 years ago and occassionally would look at the posts and think- that will never be me! Just not motivated enought to go through all that. 45 years ( pretty much) a smoker . Always bought packets of 10s as was always going to give up tomorrow. Only ever smoked less than 10 a day so didn't really matter did it- I told myself, couldn't be doing much harm . Still dont really know why I decided to ask the GP for Champix . The tablets stayed in my drawer for 2 weeks before I plucked up courage to try them.

3 weeks 2 days since i stoped smoking. Still cant believe it! Don't like the Champix much but feel they are neccessary. Have to say - its not too bad at the moment and I am surpised how much I enjoy the freedom of being a non smoker . I am scared that I will get complacent though - you, know - i 've cracked it now i can just have one. That's why i have decided to join in this site now . Need support long term - when the Champix stops.

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well done mj on your decision to quit :) :) and not ever give up on the idea :) :)

We truly have a great quit family here who is always ready to offer support to those who need it, so dont hesitate to join in :) :)

We have had a number of members who have quit using champix and it really does come down to each individual and finding what works best for them :) :)

You have come this far now, so now its all about staying quit :) :) Remember our wee mantra we use around here NOPE Not one puff ever :) :)

Let us know your quit date so we can add you to the wall of winners.. and best of luck on your quit journey :) :)


thanks - it was 10 July .

I am struggling with the champix a bit and have skipped the one at night a few times now when I needed a really good nights sleep without the disturbing dreams . I still seem to be doing ok but worry that I am tempting fate.


Just one an they tell me I would be hooked again, so maybe that means everyone, they say the first 3 weeks are the hardest, so maybe you have cracked it, though I am going into my 12 th week an sometimes still think I would like one, but do something else an the craving goes again,, but then I smoked for 45 years! Good luck an try not to have one


Hiya mj and welcome to quit support 😊

I know if I had one, I would be be straight back on them again, so for me it's NOPE NOPE as I'm not taking any chances. I'm so happy to be smoke free and I couldn't have done it without the terrific people on here. You are doing brilliant over 3 weeks now which is fantastic. Stay close to this site and we're all here for ya, any problems just shout. Take one day at a time and here's to a healthier future👍🏼😊x


Wow excellent job :) and the first few weeks are the hardest and it sounds like you have cracked them. well done x


Hi ya MJ51 and a big big big warm welcome to you :) :) and YES at last gal you've flippin DONE IT :) :) :)

Rite MJ, your on champix, which is flippin excellent :) :) you stick to the doses to the very end please, I say this cos I've used champix :) BUT, BUT, I stopped taking it about half way through :o cos I just didnt want a cig any more, then 1 day, I tried 1, cos 1 wont hurt will it :o That was it, back on the flippin cigs again :o :o

So, Please Please Mj, NOPE, Not One Puff Ever, I begg you gal, cos you've got through the worst of it now, just you STAND your ground and stick with the champix please :) cos I tell you MJ, it will be the best thing you have ever done in your life :) cos you will have your life back again :) and not be ruled by the cigggggggs :o :) :)

If I may please ask, was your quit date the 11th July 2015 :o so then we can add you to the Wall of Winners and keep your Winners badge upto date :)

Stay strong now MJ and you will be FREEEEEEE again :) :)

Pete :)

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Quit !0 July thanks.

Yes the freedom is the main part for me. no longer looking for an opportunity to slip outside for a sneaky fag without anyone noticing. No longer wanting my grandchildren to hurry up and go to sleep because grandma needs to go downstairs and into the garden for a cigarette. Was nearly giving up on the champix - particularly the one at night which gives me strange dreams and wakes me up from 2 am often for at least a couple of hours .

Having read your post I will stick to it . half way through now anyway - same as you were - maybe thats the point at which everyone starts to feel a bit too confident ?


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Thank you soo much MJ I now have your quit date well and truly logged in :) :)

Please please MJ, try to stick the champix out :) as you say, your half way through the course now :) soo please try to be strong :) cos dont forget, its not just the champix thats upsetting your body and mind :o cos you just think !!

Your body is now nicotine free, plussssss, free of all those other 4.000 toxins you get with it :o :) :) soooo, you will be getting symptoms of nicotine withdrawal tooo :o so you see, its not just the champix thats giving you a hard time at the moment :) :) Your body and mind are having a MASSIVE change :o :o just please give it time to settle down and get used to the healthy life that you will have :) :) and of course being FREE again :) :)


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