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Quitting smoking with the help of champix

Marion01511 YEAR WINNER

I am on day 14 of champix, still in shock that I haven't smoked. I have smoked 30/40 cigarettes every day for the past 37 years. I just desperately want to stay stopped. I would say I am a happy smoker!, I loved it, didn't really want to quit but thought I'd give it a go. Any tips on suceeding would be greatly appreciated

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bunnyrabbit5 YEARS WINNER

Hi Marion well come to the site. I am on day 8 smoke free and the people on this site are excellent and are very helpful. Reading past blogs is a good way to go as I did. Emjay has some excellent breathing excersises that really help. I'm sure that others can help but congratulations and stay strong. You are not alone in this battle to ban "nic" :-) Suex

Marion01511 YEAR WINNER in reply to bunnyrabbit

Well done to you too - :-)

Good luck and hope you manage to achieve too

simba19618 Months Winner

Well done for stopping. I know how you feel I enjoyed smoking but had a health scare. These lovely people on this site are zo supportive. Read the.blog they give loads of advice shecx

Marion01511 YEAR WINNER in reply to simba196

Thank you so much :-) Trying so hard - now into week 3


Hi Marion0151, well done on deciding to 'just give it a go'. You must have had some level of motivation to want to quit, you probably just don't realise it :D

If the health benefits of stopping isn't enough to encourage you to stay stopped, then maybe look at the financial aspects. 30-40 cigarettes each day don't come cheap and so try and put the money into a jar at the end of each day. It's really important that you see some sort of benefit.

You can enjoy a much healthier lifestyle now and know that you are less likely to end up with some nasty smoking related illness or disease.

What do you think you are enjoying so far about being a non-smoker?

Let me know what your quit date was and I'll pop your name up on our 'Wall of Winners' :D

Well done to you, reaching your full 2 weeks of being smokefree and now entering your 3rd week, this is such a great achievement. :D

Staying positive is key to your cuccess :-)

Marion01511 YEAR WINNER in reply to EmJay

Hi - Thank you so much for your support. My quit date was 27th March 2013!

Marion01511 YEAR WINNER

Hi John, Thanks for the tips every little helps greatly. I am definately taking one day at a time - big thank you

Hi Marion,

Like you I used Champix and found it amazing. Having tried to give up many times in the last 30+ years only to have the most miserable and depressing experience, I couldn't believe that this time was so different. Obviously the habit of actually picking up a cigarette had to be dealt with, but I kept positive and it's now 8 months and I feel like a non smoker. The urge comes back now and then, but it's getting less all the time.

I have so much more energy, and go hiking and canoeing, and it surprises me how much I can now do without panting for breath.

You've made a start and that's the hardest part, so keep taking the Champix for the recommended time as it will help while you lose the habit, but as John said be prepared. I still keep a packet of nicorette in my handbag so I know that if tempted i have that to fall back on.

I wish you every success :)

Marion01511 YEAR WINNER in reply to Sharny

Big thank you Sharny :-)

nixy27 Months Winner


Hi, I smoked for as long as you, didn't really want to stop. Tried many times but always gave in to the rotten cravings. I have now stopped for 10 weeks on champix, its not easy but this time I will do it, and the cravings do get less with time. How I wish I had given up properly years ago. I am paying big time for my stupidity, lungs are in a mess now and the problem can not be put right. So think of your health and keep going after all you can call yourself a non smoker after 14 days so well done to you, please keep up the good work.

Marion01511 YEAR WINNER

Thanks Nixy for your kind words, I am trying so hard wih these cravings which have driven me mad today. Your kinds words just help - sorry to hear your health problems and sincerely hope things do get better for you - i'm sure they will and they must with all your hard work of quitting 10 weeks ! i cant wait to be there - again big thanks

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