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Health scare

Hi All, I'll try and keep this short :-) About 3 1/2 months ago I started to loose my voice. I had no sore throat or any symptoms of a cold etc. I decided to see my GP as after 10 days I could hardly talk. I was then 'fast tracked' to see a specialist within a couple of days. I was given an operation to take biopsies and informed that it might be cancer of the throat. The results were given to me after 3 weeks, however some were inconclusive. The consultant informed me that this was entirely due to smoking and if he was me, he'd be very worried. He was very matter of fact, but not rude or dismissive in any way. He said he would like to review me in a few weeks as if it was going to progress to cancer it would show. He also said this form of cancer is extremely aggressive and spreads quickly.

I stopped smoking the following day.

Had my appointment with him yesterday and my voice box is nearly back to normal with no signs of any sinister cells. RELIEF.

I would not wish these past few months on anyone. It can happen to you over night. The irony of all this is I'm 48 years old and a nurse...... Head of Department of Surgery. Strange but true.

I hope this little story helps you and may give you a little encouragement to stub them out for good!

Good luck & keep on fighting - remember you're worth it. :-)

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Hiya Elmdon, you really have had a very worrying time and it's great to hear that you've got the all clear now, thank goodness. Thankyou for sharing this with us and wishing you continued good health😊x


Hi again Elmdon :) :)

Thank you sooooo much for sharing your experience with us :) I tell ya, it dont half make you THINK :o I am just so so happy that you are safe and well with us :) :) :)

Though you are a nurse, Head of Department of Surgery :) :) it just goes to show, this sort of thing can happen to any of us eh :o

We think, awww, it always happens to somebody else :o it wont happen to me :o BUT, it could do couldnt it !!!!!!!!!!

So come on all you newbies and wannabies :) lets try to help you quit the demon smokes :) before its too late eh :o

Thanking you again Elmdon :) :)

Pete :)

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