Good result from hospital

I cried when he said you do not have cancer of the throat. I have a viral infection which has affected my vocal cords. With lots of fluids, steam inhalations and resting my voice it should heal within a couple of months. Didn't like the camera down the nose bit but am so relieved.

I am going to London tomorrow with my youngest daughter for a girly few days so will check in again after the weekend. It did feel great to answer "no" to the question do you smoke!

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  • Oh how lovely, I am delighted for you and have a lovely time in london.


  • Oh KC - you must have been so worried! And be so relieved now, no wonder you cried.. :)

    Have a great girly few days. :D

  • Glad your results came back good. Enjoy your break over the weekend. :)

  • Hi KC - that is the most fantastic news, apart from the viral throat infection of course, but you know what I mean!!! :)

    I am so relieved for you because I know you were stressing out about it, and I did look for you yesterday but I must have just missed you - but fan-dab-idozy KC - relax and breathe, excellent - and have a lovely time in London with your daughter, enjoy the sunshine, you are on top of the world!!!! ) :)

    Oh this is a happy day :)


  • Hi, that is amazing news I bet your on top of the world today and the sun is shining to. Enjoy your time away with your daughter. Hope you have an amazing time x

  • Oh that is the best news ever, and have a great time in london x

  • Great news, have a lovely break :)

    Relax now !


  • Brilliant news now go and have fun

  • Fantastic news, so pleased for you. Enjoy ur fun time x

  • Hi KC, that is absolutely brilliant news! I had made a mental note that your appointment was Tuesday but for some unknown reason thought it was Monday yesterday. If I'm like this already, imagine what I'm going to be like buy the end of the week and next week with 2 Bank Holidays!!

    Have a totally chillaxing and fun time with your daughter, I really am made up for you :-)

    See you in a couple of days! :-)

  • Great news KC, keep inhaling the steam, I was told by doc to do it too, it was for a blocked ear and thick throat I was having, and must say it's working a treat. Have a great time in London. x :-)

  • Brilliant news. :)

  • KC Thats brilliant news. XX

  • Great news KC, enjoy your weekend with your daughter. :)

  • Just so very very pleased for you.BIG weight off your mind.Enjoy your trip to London.Hugs H x

  • That is fantastic news so pleased for you enjoy your time in London x

  • Thank you all so much for your kind words.

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