Feel weak. Doc put me on antidepressants 😪

Has anyone else buckled under the pressure and had anti depressants? I'm nearly 5 weeks and my mood deteriorated soooo much! It was either docs for help or light up! Feeling like I'm a weakling, but am so so down. I want to be happy that I've quit... But as the days go by they seem to get longer and harder. I wish I could be one of you happy non smokers!! I have suffered depression about 10 years ago after a cardiac arrest and giving up smoking then.... Maybe I'm just susceptible ??? Any advice guys ??

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  • Hiya Jaglan, I would like to tell you that you did the right thing by going to your docs😊

    Everyone is different and there's absolutely no weakness involved with you, you were strong enough to ask for help, so I admire you greatly👍🏼 quitting is possibly one of the hardest things we do and you are doing it.............. So hold your head up high and be proud coz I'm proud of you. I know from listening to other members that you are not alone in this struggle and many others have also suffered from depression and anxiety😓 I'm sure some of them will pop on to reassure you that you will feel better and you will get through this. Sending good vibes your way and hugs to help you😊x

  • I like hugs :-) virtual or otherwise. I can't wait to start being a bit normal again... But must just live in the moment for now x

  • Hi jaglan

    Good on you for going to and seeing your doctor and please don't be hard on yourself because like briar said, you are actually very strong by seeking help. More power to you hun :) :)

    I have always suffered with anxiety and am fortunate enough to be able to manage it myself without medication. When I started my quit journey, i reckon it would have been around the two month quit when my anxiety level increased incredibly and i was quite scared of where i was heading. I can tell you that all these crazy emotions that i was having, did pass :) :) :) Now days, i have a calmness that i never had as a smoker, so hang in, things will get better for you :) :)


  • Hey glolin Wow!!! Good on you for finding a way to cope! I have managed for 10 years, but this was a quit too far! I'd love to have been able to get through with oh naterarl!!! But got too scared :-/ x x

  • Thanks Jaglan :) :)

    I learnt how to understand my own anxiety by studying psychology and putting things into prospective. I have to say it was not easy and took a lot of strength to convert negative energy into positive energy and the hardest part for me to managing fear, this still troubles me but i manage it. When i started getting haunted by anxiety early in my quit it really did take all my energy to stay on top of it as well as deal with cravings etc.....i thinks i am just a tough ole gal..:D :D

    your quit is important to you Jaglan and you are just doing what you can for yourself to support that :) :)

    I think you are amazing in how you have stayed so strong and not give up on your quit :) :)

    stay strong xx

  • Hi Jaglan, Please don't give up giving up.

    I had anxiety last year along with headaches and couldn't travel, so it was a trip to the docs, who gave me ' Beta Blockers ' but I only took them for a couple of weeks as I also had a load of blood tests done, and they showed I had an Under active Thyroid, and slightly raised Cholesterol levels, and so with the new meds for Thyroid I am so much better.

    I'm so sure our body's are so confused when we stop the cigaretts drug, it needs to learn to function again as NORMAL.

    Time is a great healer, :-)

    I'm sending you loads of good luck vibes, x. :-)

  • How many times I've heard myself say that to others!! Time is a great healer! Yr so right!! It's my impatience to get to the finishing post. There is no finishing post is there? It's just having the best day you can with the health we have and looking after ourselves !!! Xx

  • HEYYYYY, Jaglan, try to calm down a bit eh :) :)

    The answer to your question is, there definitely IS a FINISHING POST :) :) Look Jaglan, at the beginning of our quit, there is a veryyyyy long dark tunnel with a very small light at the end of it :o but, as we go through our quits, this light gets brighter and brighter :) and one day, it will be full sunshine :) :)

    Please, please, just be patient and let your mind and body get used to all the changes eh :) :) and then you will see the sunshine :) :) :) xx

  • Ahhh Jaglan, Briar is right you definitely did the right thing.. :) sometimes our bodies and emotions just need a bit of extra help but it gets us at various stages of our quits and to varying degrees too.. i was tearful/punchy/emotional it was a nightmare but maybe lasted a month or so

    You hang in there hun coz you are doing soooooo well :)

  • Hey droopy... Yea I waited out the month thinking it should start getting a bit better, even a glimmer would have been something... But daily it was getting foggier and foggier. Toooo scary for me :-(( xx

  • Thank you for the hugs and virtual medicine guys xxx👷👷 I so look forward to betterness (new word!)

    It is needed!!! After 5 weeks with only one semi good day each week and the crying becoming a regular morning routine I got to the point of real fear that the depression black hole was not too far away. Having been there before I could not face the risk of it grabbing a serious hold. I have my autistic boy to care for... It gets it's claws in and rattles your brain and nerves about as if your a rag doll... On waking it was lovely to have the moment of no pain in my gut or brain......

    But then the trickle .... Then the running water... Then the dam bursts it's banks and the long reality of the long day ahead hits like a raging flood!!! Burying my head in the pillow hoping that sleep will return is no good.... This is it for another day... Last week I could at least look forward to the evenings, but even those are now blighted with the rock in my gut and the fog in my brain... Giving in to the fear and pain seemed weak...( Tho I fought so hard to ignore it) When everyone else seems to have managed. Difficult, but managed.... I seemed to go from walking against the tide to walking in thick sticky tar!! OMG I bored bored bored of being sad! I'm counting the days down to catch a glimpse of the sun :-) my doc said to listen to myself when I'm explaining to my son assuring him that mum is sad at the moment because stopping smoking has made my brain sad and a little poorly... But it won't be long before it feels a bit better. This way I should reassure him and tell my brain too! I wouldn't lie to my son so believe !!

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