Computer Meltdown!

Oh dear, my computer seems to be going into meltdown tonight, I think the length of the daily chat has overwhelmed it a bit so I guess I'd better give it a rest.

I will try to google the Tissington Trail though, I'm so curious to find out where it starts and finishes now!

It's been so great chatting to everyone tonight and MummyMinder PIPP - I hope you wake up with the biggest smile on your face in the morning - ONE WEEK babe - I am so so happy about that!

Sweet Dreams everyone

Love Chrissie xxx

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  • Chrissie PIPP, am so sorry I didnt get back to you, but the flippin electric has gone off twice for some reason, soooo am having a few probs at the mo eh :o This is what happens when you live out in the sticks eh :P :(

    Nite nite Chrissie, and may all your lovely dreams come true gal :) :)

    Minky Pete :) xxxxx

  • You need to stick some thrupenny bits in that meter :D :D :P hahah.

  • :P :P :D :D :D

    Nite nite Sinfree, sleep well and take care gal :) xxxx

  • Night night you sleep well too.

  • Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha - that was funny! :D :D :D xxx

  • Chrissie, have found this map, but you need a magnifying glass to see it :o :)

  • Night Chrissie. You have some nice canals in your area to cycle along too :)

  • Oh yes, the chesterfield canal is another one I've heard of! Now that's a good idea :) !!!

  • Sorry, night night sinfree - it's been lovely chatting tonight! Sweet dreams and hopefully we'll catch up again soon xxxxx

  • Hey I'm back and I think I've identified the problem - the wireless switch on the side of my laptop wasn't quite switched on properly! Duh!!!

    Anyway, it does look a heck of a long way and most of it seems to be down your end Minky! But the Parslay Hay bit is definitely up my end!

    BUT it is off the main roads which I would prefer and I don't have to do the whole thing now do I!

    So I will have a think about it and I'll also see if my girls fancy doing it with me.

    It's quite exciting really - I can't believe I'm seriously thinking about real exercise in this way! :) :) :) xxx

  • I just found this we went past that engine house though we didn't go in it, I don't think it was open. Remember looking at the hill that the engine house used to pull the train up. Can't imagine a train going up a hill so steep. Right am definitely going now, night :)

  • The pic right at the top is Dovedale stepping stones :)

  • that looks beautiful! I might actually consider walking around there! It looks so lovely!

  • I also found this sign, and it says, 13 miles to Ashbourne, well Ashbourne is just up the road from me :o Parsley Hey isnt too far either Sinfree :)

  • Well I think that you should try it first and tell me what it's like! :)

  • Ha ha ha typical flippin Woman, shove the old boy in first and see what happens :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Chrissie, I work at Kilamarsh, which is just off junction 30 of the M1, its just over 20 miles, I would have to go 2 more junctions to reach you eh :o

    Obviously we are closer ermmm, the back way, if you see what I mean :o :)

  • Wow I know where Killamarsh is! Actually if I'm driving North up the M1, I get off at jctn 29 and go along the Chesterfield ring road because it gets me to the part of Sheffield where I live (Totley) quicker! But I actually work on the complete opposite side of the city at the Northern General Hospital, hence my long commute to work every day! I beg you get to work quicker than I do!

    And yes the back road would be from Derby to Chesterfield wouldn't it?


  • That should have said I bet you get to work quicker than I do!

  • It takes me about an hour on a goooooood day :o

  • Okay, quick change of subject!

    Pete (I'm being serious now!)

    Can you believe that it's the PIPPs one week anniversary tomorrow? Honestly can you believe it?

    I'm so sorry, I know I'm talking about us, and I do know that you are going through this as well - but I am actually sitting here in disbelief that we've all but done a week already! It's absolutely amazing!

    I am so proud of us, I really really am! :)

  • Chrissie, yes, a big flippin YES, its 1 WHOLE WEEK tomorrow gal for you PIPPs :) :)

    WAYYYYY HAYYYYYYY :) :) yes Chrissie, you be PROUD gal, cos i tell ya, you've kicked mr nic into flippin TOUCH gal :) :)


    Wow, I can actually remember saying that a week ago.

    Awesome! I'm SO happy! :)

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