The comment you don't want to here........have you put some weight on???

Well it has been a few weeks now since I smoked I have had a miserable week too e honest as haven't felt too good, then yesterday after I cooked dinner my husband said "have you put weight on Vik?? My heart sunk to my stomach! I really didn't think I had put on weight but obviously I have. I was low before but now even lower.

My IBS has played up this week and I constantly feel bloated , never had this when I smoked........oh and I can't sleep yet I am shattered, I have been up since 1am it is now 5-40am I am going to be like a zombie again!!!!!!

Here ends my moan lol

Vikki xx

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  • Ahhh vikki after a comment like that hubby shoulda been wearing dinner....πŸ˜•πŸ˜Š

    Yes most of us get weight gain but I'd rather that then slowly kill myself πŸ™ Take no notice and just start saving your cig money, treat yourself to a bit of pampering or get yourself something that you've always wanted...... Not sure if you can buy a considerate, supporting, non smoking and don't care what you look like hubby πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    The sleep will right itself so just hang on ok , your doing really great and I don't think you've put weight on 😊😊😊🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • Thank you for that πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Uuummmm wearable food, I think we could be onto another winner here! GeniusΒ©β„’πŸ‘€

  • Mmm me thinks old gaga beat us to it πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

  • first off, good lord no husband should ever say that to his wife!!! regardless of wether or not shes quitting or not, ya just don't say that ever!!! secondly, from what i've read that is kinda normal with quitting, i feel like i've put on a little weight as well, but just know, your beautiful, your awesome, and what your doing is the greatest thing you've ever done for yourself, and no matter what, were all with you :)

  • I would NEVER mention someone's weight .... Poor lady

  • Keep coming on here, moan whatever you need, be human and know your doing the most loving thing for yourself right now-This is well beyond Superficials, vile judgements. Things will balance out down the line. I'm feeling a whole new appreciation internally from quitting, yeah the weight is going on (which is fine) and if it's something I want to address I will for my own reasons. This period is massive for me in letting go of attaching my feelings/emotions to people in order to get validation..It doesn't work! If anything just causes a feeling of being isolated. That's the power of this site, to let it out for real with people in the same boat. I'm glad we're in it together...Your beautiful & whole just as you are, that's the truth of it, iris x

  • Thinks I would have made his dinner a wearable hat 😯😯😝😝

    I read so where that you can be 30kg heavier, and still be healthier than if you smokes.

    Metabolism slows down to its normal pace when we quit, so to prevent weight gain you have to increase your physical output... It actually takes 2 years for your body to readjust with metabolism.

    We have to be patient - we have done a lot to our bodies with smoking, and there no quick fix other than time...we keep saying it all takes time...but it will happen πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Oh Vikki,

    I hear ya...... The first month is awful... I was retaining water and I felt so bloated....and insomnia is my middle nameπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sorry for making light of that but I have no choice right now.... It's 3:30 am where I'm from and I'm up ... I'll try and go back to bed and hope I sleep ... Easier said than done...... I really feel for ya ...... Your IBS will probably act up for a month... Hang in there..

    Not One Puff Ever no matter what..

    Arizona xx

  • Ya I agree with droopyj and Hiro,

    Hubby should have been wearing dinner..... Sometimes people want us to fail.... Strange but misery loves company..

  • Vicky, the other members have said it all so well. Hold your head up high and be proud you're a non smoker. It will take time for your body to adjust and much better to have a few extra pounds than black lungs. Keep going hun, you're beautifulπŸ’

  • Thank you everyone for your kind words and support xxx

  • I've put in stone from not smoking, that's even with exercise!! However I think it all does settle down after a while. I have found when I was hungry I would just smoke , now I eat!!!

  • Hey my fellow insomniac lol. I havent slept in weeks either maybe 3-4 hrs if Im lucky. We all gain a little and it could be your IBS if your bloated, do u take meds for it? I see stuff on the telivision for IBS forget the name though. Im sure your hubby would rather u a bit heavier and alive. Does he smoke? cause u dont anymore hooray for you.

    Eat more veggies and fruit, try not to give in to the cravings, sucking on hard candy helped me and I love werthers candies. Good luck and I too didnt realize things when I smoked and now I do. I think they were there all along I was just pre-occupied smoking to notice.

  • Going to see GP today regarding bloating I slept a bit better last night I only woke for a glass of water and managed to sleep till 5am a hole 6hrs sleep whooopeeee! Mind you needed it as resembled a character from the walking dead! Lol

    To be honest the last 4 days I have not craved and yes hubby does smoke and it is beginning to turn my stomach the smell of fags on him when he has been outside for a smoke.

    He would sooner die than give up, but that's him! Mind you I keep telling him I have him well insured lol.

    Vikki X

  • Lmao vikki πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I know quite a few on here have partners that still smoke, briarwood, monky and shanti to name but a few and they all have fantastic quits 😊😊🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • OMG that is funny and so expensive. Insurance for a smoker is almost triple for a non smoker only they get very specific like have u smoked in the past year lol so i figure wait a year the apply lol

    Im so jealous of your sleep "share" the secret.

    My hubby smokes too and when he comes near me I gag and he wants a kiss so I keep breath spray handing "open up" lol lol

    U r doing great hope the doc gives u good news and the scale can go to hellolicious. lmao

    Still want to know about your dog

  • Wasn't good news from GP I have C.O.P.D! But at least I can't make it any worse now I am a non smoker, that sounds good.

    Lol never thought about the mouth spray as totally understand about the kissing with fag breath ! Pmsl.

    Me and my big mouth have one good nights sleep and here I am again awake fron 3am 3hrs sleep! Looks like another day of looking like a zombie......great stuff! Oh and to top it all my staffy Daisy has woke up and joined me on the settee and she is farting and snoring.......she flipping stinks lol..good job I love her to bits.

    Vikki xx

  • I love the pic of your dog tell me about him or her, thats mine in the pic Bandit is a border collie something fast as lightening, he is a rescue and just the most spoiled dog I have ever come in contact with but I loves him to death and I spoiled him because he was funny looking as a baby, he was all droopy ears and legs no body he kept falling over lol lol the one ear popped upright and the other hung down it was so funny. Now they are both up to where they r supposed to be but I cant get him to gain weight, he eats like a horse ex tonite he had 2 pieces of fish, garlic noodles, salad, pumpkin pie, a full bowl (large) of his kibble, beggin strips, and sherbert now dont u think that was alot of food yet he keeps his sleek 40lbs, any suggestions. He eats Blue food the fish and Oatmeal kind and he loves it.

  • Arrr bless him he looks gorgeous. He does eat like a horse lol maybe he is just made that way lol wish I could eat all that and not put weights on. I was going to suggest a high protein diet to see if that would put some weight on him loads of chicken?? My little girl Daisy-dog lol she is a staffy just gone 8 and she is also spoils rotten, she is my best friend and if she could get in my pocket she would. I have had her since she was 8 weeks old and I really can't imagine life without her. Mind you at the moment I could do with a bigger home so she can have a room to herself as she has wicked farts!!! She absolutely stinks rotten lol. Don't understand why she stinks so bad as her food and treats haven't changed.

    Oh well I will put up with her stench as I love her to bits and keep an eye on her just in case there is another reason why she smells so bad.

    Vikki xx

  • I can help u with the farting issue- charcoal pills it absorbs poison in the tummy and else where lol. It improves the breath at one end and gassy's at the other end lol lol.

    You called Daisy a staffy, are u referring to a stafford bulldog rather than a pit?

    Oh u had 1 good sleep, I have them too I fall over from exhaustiion lol lol. so I guess no trading then eh!!!!!!!

    I know Im up all nite I guess thats why Im on here thru the nite to chat with who ever has the same insomnia. Misery does love a pal :)

    My Bandit is right beside (on top) of me sawing ZZZZ's and 1/2 assed barking at himself same dream every nite. Ive had my baby since he was 5 weeks old, fit in the palm of your hand (my hubby) he was so small and unwanted I had to take him. (crack heads selling him out of a box for 50.00) poor little ugly baby lmao now he is handsome but not then, only a mother could love such a long-eared, just legs dog, no body, he used to tip over all the time lmao :) now he is sleek and fast as lightening I think he has whippet or something like that he is so fast.

  • Bless him he looks gorgeous. Yes crazy Daisy is full Staffordshire bull terrier I had her from 8 weeks old now she is 8 years old. Will try the charcoal as she bloomin stinks .

    And lol I know that dream to especially love the twitchy dream the one where her feet start twitching then her legs and gradually her hole body starts and then the quiet howling lol just love them!

  • u got it only mine doesnt twitch he full out runs and kicks me lol, I still cant figure out I have a queen size bed but sleep in less than a twin once he spreads his ass out and thats with hubby not in bed, when he's in bed my ass cheeks are hangin over the edge :) :) and the two of them are blissfully sprawled out/

  • Hi Vikki

    I was exactly the same as you and my hubby still smokes as well

    I also have IBS and the bloating was like I was about to give birth. I was a petite size 8/10 now I'm a 12 sometimes 14 😩.

    I was really upset about the weight gain and half heartedly tried to lose it but just couldn't. Wouldn't say I ate more but like you sometimes I would just have a smoke rather than have something to eat and of course your metabolism slows down. My digestive system was all over the place, heartburn especially. Insomnia as well sleep pattern is actually just sorting itself out now but I work shifts and my sleeping has never been that good anyway. It's amazing what smoking does to our bodies and how long they can take to recover from the abuse.

    I'm now away to try and lose the weight I put on, if it takes a year then that's what it takes.

    As for hubby he's just jealous that you've stopped smoking and he hasn't coz every smoker no matter what they say want to be free of smoking.

    You keep going coz you're doing great πŸ‘


  • I too have piled on the pounds. my other half is still smoking! it aint easy. when i went to see dr. practice nurse commented on how much weight I gained and very lady like ... in spanish .. I said I quit smoking, one thing at a time... then in english now bog off and mind your own business!

  • Good for you spanishtigressπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š

  • Hi Vikki,

    I have given your post some careful consideration, it is of great concern to me the speed at which people jump on the band wagon of husband bashing. Comments such as wearable dinners and what a disgrace he is are quite worrying. It seems he is only two steps away from a public stoning.

    It is time you heard from "The Boys"!

    The important question here is does he smoke? Which was not asked until quite recently by Debbie.

    If he didn't smoke then I would agree his comment was uncalled for but as he does I imagine that he is now seeing you nearly a month quit and moving forwards with a different life almost than his. You say he would rather die than quit? It is probably likely that he is frightened of quitting and all that it entails. He knows as much as anyone that he should stop for health and financial reasons and he knows that you having stopped will probably increase the pressure on him to do the same.

    His subconscious mind, wanting to protect him from the horror of having to quit, probably tricked him into making the comment about weight gain. This doesn't mean that you have it is just that devious part of his mind trying to find something to undermine your quit and join him again as a smoker.

    So I think that you firstly need to see the comment for what it was and not actually an insult towards you and then you need to find a way to either help him stop smoking himself or feel happy about his decision to carry on.

    As he has tried to undermine your quit I think it is more likely that he is not such a confirmed smoker as you think as if he truly enjoyed it it wouldn't matter to him whether you carried on smoking or not.

    Either way plonking his dinner over his head is probably not the way forward!! Β©β„’πŸ‘€

  • Lol.....

    Yes he is a smoker and is very stubborn as he does not want to quit!

    I have been diagnosed with C.O.P.D today which was an eye opener and shock! I thought him knowing that would of swayed him into stopping but still no joy.


  • Sorry to hear that. At least stopping now will stop any further damage.

    I'm praying I haven't done any damage to myself.

    Bet he does want to quit. That's what I always said I don't want to it's the only argument left! get him to try the Alan Carr book it's really good. And if not ull just have to keep him outside lol.

    Btw I noticed how much my dog smells since I quit. I don't they any smellier it's just we can smell better. The poor things had more bath showers and scrubs in the last two months than in his whole life and he still smells doggy don't know what to do with him.

    Take care x πŸ˜€πŸ‘€

  • Lol.....yeah my dog stinks too haha....

    I will try with my hubby


  • Hiya Vicki, I'm sooo sorry to hear about your diagnosis and can only remind you that you're doing the very best thing by quitting which you know already. 3 weeks is terrific and although it can't undo the damage, it will stop it getting any worse. My hubby has said he'll never give up smoking and as much as we wish they would, we can only make our own choice and not theirs unfortunately☹️

  • Thanks and I know, but I will keep trying xx

  • Ha Ha I 100% disagree men shld know what subjects are acceptable and not, for example we dont comment on the tiny dingle beween the legs, nor the balding up top lol lol. My hubby point blank said 1 bitch in the house is enough!!!!!!! why would he want to put himself thru what he is seeing as for cost there is only 1 smoking now so he saves in the long run. He is die hard smoker and I have to respect it I just dont lie to smell it lmao

  • Oh that's funny.....and you are hubby is the same and as long as he smokes away from me and out the house they he can carry on , definitely getting some mouth spray too pmsl..

    Have a great day

    Vik xx

  • A TOAST TO BINACA LOL LOL breath mints wont even kill the taste its like kissing my ashtray LMAO

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