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6 month NOPE, one week off NRT and I struggled

Hope everyone is well and kicking those cravings into touch

As I said in my last post, I eventually stopped with the gum. I have been fine but suddenly had cravings mid morning, I resisted but yesterday and today I allowed myself one piece of gum.

It took the craving away and on both occasions I've then not thought about it, all day. Im a little annoyed as I think if I had binned all my gum I wouldn't have done it but it proved how deep the psychological addiction is , as I literally have not smoked for 6 months and had no nicotine for 5 days.

I decided im going to try out some vitamins which apparently help with serotonin. I believe my caving in to this urge was down to mood (anxiety and depression).

I would make it clear that as its been 6 months I have no interest in smoking at all. Really absolutely NOPE.

I'm going to try B complex and if i can get it 5 THP which both apparently help mood.

Here goes human guinea pig time



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Hiya Jim 6 months smoke free and 5 days nic free is absolutely fantastic. You really are doing an amazing job so be very proud of your achievement. Hope the Supplements help you, will be very interested in the outcome of this experiment mr guinea pig👍😊x

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Well done Jim that's a great quit you have got going....don't beat yourself up hun... you do whatever it takes to stay smoke free.... there will come a time when you will feel comfortable to go without any nicotine and you will know when that is.....but in the meantime please don't fret coz you have done extremely well 😁😁

Stay strong and keep positive hun 😆

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Good look Jim :) and 5 days free of nic is just flippin awesome pal :) :) :)

I hope vit B complex and 5 THP ermmmm, what ever that is :o helps you Jim, am with you all the way pal :) :)

Good luck and you take care now eh :) :)

Pete xx

PS, there man kisses, not snogs see :o :D :D :D

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