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Almost at 6 months and stopped the NRT

Hi Lovely People

On the 12th July I will be at 6 months. What a battle this has been but so worth it.

NRT patches, gums and dissolvable strips have really helped me disassociate from physically lighting up. I've let myself have as much or as little as I wanted. Just stop the cravings.

One week ago I started swapping nearly every NRT gum for ordinary gum.

Today I have been 48 hours without any nicotine.

I'm having little pangs but have noticed a real and significant drop in my general anxiety.

Feeling a lot better but still a little low.

But folks, its so much better than where I was 7 months ago.

This community has saved me time and time again.

Please keep going, and remember NOPE. This will be the best thing you will ever do to help yourself live a healthier and happier life.

Don't beat yourself up if you have slip. These are all practise runs and while you are not smoking you are ...erm.... not smoking!

Going to keep going without any NRT and will keep you informed of my progress.

Jim x

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you have done ever so well with your quit Jim and should be feeling very proud of yourself :) :)


Hi Jim, Your doing Brilliant with your quit. :-)

Yes Here's to a Happy, Healthier new life :-)

Keep in touch, NOPE, :-)


Congratulations. Splitting it up into 2 parts is how I handle my quit too. One for the habit and one for the nicotine. So great news to see you getting through step 2!


Hi Sam, This was always my plan. No ecig or anything to physically mimic smoking. Then just keep my nicotine up until I felt ready be that 2 months or 2 years.

Fortunately I've been in an upbeat mood this week so started using ordinary gum and cut right back on NRT . Had my last piece of NRT gum wed am.

Ive still got packets every where just in case, because at least its better than smoking if I get cravings. Not been tempted so far and the really interesting thing is my anxiety has dropped in the last hour.

Nicotine= anxiety. I'm in no doubt.

Keep going with your quit , so worth it.

Glolin and MrsSunnyside- two of many lovely people on here who really really helped me. I hope more and more people are able to find this forum.

Wish doctors would advise people to come on here.

Love you all.


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Aup Jim, at flippin last you got to the flippin, flippin 6 months quit mark :) :) :)

I hope you have your head up high and feeling PROUD of yourself and your achievement, cos am dead proud of ya pal :) :) You've stuck to your guns and flippin made it :) am doing a happy bum wiggle dance for ya Jim, BUT not as you know it :o :| :D :D :D

You take care now Jim and enjoyyyyyy your new smokefree life :) :)


Hiya Jim, nearly 6 months and you're doing great without NRT so huge congratulations to you. A great quit so keep up all the good work, well done😊x


Whooooohoooo Jim, can't wait to see your new bita bling.... you have done really well..... when I stopped the patches I always had the nic gum in my bag just in case.... I never used it but it did help just knowing that I had it there 😃😃

interesting that your anxiety has dropped as you have stopped the nicotine... I think there are some quitters who can take comfort from that so thank you for sharing that important nugget 😃😃

Good luck Jim and stay strong 😆


That's brilliant



Massive Congratulations on your big milestone today Jim🎉🎈🎊

Hope you're celebrating😊x


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