Chronic bloating

Hi thankfully I still have no cravings whatsoever however I now look like I am pregnant lol I am five feet tall and before my quit wore a size 8 trousers. I went to the health store today and was given ginger, probiotic, Apple cider tables which apar will help my huge bloating. Did anyone else suffer from bloating?? Apparently my digestion is confused as nicotine helped it since I was 13 now it is  struggling 😳😳😳😳

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  • Hi Trollness,

    Totally relate in my first month of quitting plus water retention made me freak... My whole digestive system was shutting down to some degree... Cigarettes act like laxatives so nothing ceases to shock me about those damn cigarettes.... Probiotics helped a tad but time healed me.....  It's uncomfortable but it goes away... Wish I could give you a better answer🤒

    Best wishes from 🇨🇦

    This too Shall Pass xx

  • Scary stuff altogether but I guess my poor body was abused with nicotine for so so long that it believed that such abuse was normal. I am tiny in stature so I genuinely look pregnant thank god I have lots of work dresses that expand with you otherwise it would be pjs 24 hours a day 😂😂 How long did your bloating last?? Please tell me I do not have to deal with this embarrassment for several more months 😏

  • Well for me 6 weeks ... You could try a gentle laxative and lots of water.... Does that sound feasible??😳 That could get rid of water weight and bloating maybe... It will pass though... Such a pain and a process to heal our bodies ... Hang in there🎈🎈🎈🎈

  • I'm now at 13 weeks and it has got worse oh Lordy!! Yes I am open to all suggestions at this stage. Please god the tablets I got today will help also. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow but no point even mentioning it as they believe anything is worth suffering once one is not smoking 😳

  • I really hope someone replies with a better solution... You must be sooo uncomfortable xx

  • Thank you so much you have been very helpful. Yes it really is a pain but I have to believe that it won't last 🤓

  • arizonasands is right, try a gentle laxative or stewed prunes, start with 3 or 4 a day. Don't forget the water also.

    (I had a little of the same problem, all o.k. now).

  • I am slender and I look like I am pregnant had it most of my adult life with me it has to do with the medication. When I stopped smoking I went From a size 12  to size 16 and the only part of me that got bigger was my stomach. There could be a reason other than stopping smoking which is causing your bloating. I would speak to your GP. We shouldn't put every thing we get down to stopping smoking. As everyone is different. Take care. And well done on your quit x

  • Hi Trollness, unfortunately this is a very common side effect of quitting☹️ Our digestive system slows down and causes this😩 As you so rightly say your body is in shock and it takes time to adjust to this but it will. Apple cider vinegar in water before a meal can also help. I honestly know how horrible this can be, so hope the tablets help. I can highly recommend prunes, stewed rhubarb, figs and stewed apple, errrrr perhaps not all at once💨😉 forgot liquorice but that's good too👍🏼 

    you can buy fybogel in the chemist and take the granules in water which is a natural fibre drink and gentle on your tummy. Hang in there hun and you'll be back to your lovely self soon💐😊

  • Thank you so much for helping yet again. Yes I have a mini cabinet of medicines now I have ginger tablets,probiotic tablets, Apple cider, b vitamin etc lol Only my female friends have experienced the bloating effect oh yes us females are complicated little beasts lol I know it had driven some of them back to the dreaded nicotine but in not at that stage yet im just a constant grump 😳

  • Definitely go with the fybogel... Orange flavour is the best 😊

  • Omg Iam facing the same issue !!! :( am 5 feet tall swell , i look 5 months pregnant hahahah

    Iam also struggling with digesting some foods and feeling so uncomfortable .

    All am doing now is drinking water and herbal drinks like mint and ginger.

    from what I've heard it varies like some people get rid of the bloating after months and some in weeks

    Also someone suggested exercising as it helped them with the bloating.

    At least we can breathe better now :D

    well done on your quit xoxoxoxoxo

  • It always helps when you are not going through it alone 🤗🤗 Yes it is absolutely horrendous. I don't even have to eat for it to expand lol the last few weeks it is a permenant fixture. I am hoping that the ginger and probiotic will work. My husband and I make a joke of it and my new name is sponge 😅😅 He gave up with me but does not have the bloating. I am after reading on a few sites that it is a woman only problem lol as if we don't have enough lol

  • Hi Trollness, I'm so sorry your having a hard time of it at the moment !! but I see your not alone :) :) our lovely Arizona, Sandra, Nottobad, Briar and Soosa have all given you excellent advice, to which I cant better :o but its lovely knowing your not alone :) :) 

    Troll, I'm beginning to think this bloating is a female ermmm, thing eh !! cos in my early days of quitting, I was bloated but for only a few days, then everything started ermmm moving again :) but I was munching on chocolate raisins and grapes !! ha ha ha 

    Troll, I see your seeing your GP tomorrow to which I was going to advise you to do :) they may be something more to it than quitting smoking !! As our lovely Arizona has said, nicotine and the other 4.000 toxins that are found in a cigarette, sort of mask some problems you may have had in your younger days !! Hopefully your GP will find out, but please let him/her know that you've been quit for over 3 months now :) 

    Wishing you good luck for tomorrow and a couple of tabs will get you sorted :) :) 

  • Getting the same problem Trollness 😞 Hate it but not going back to the fags will try some ideas on here .not got a problem going to the loo just the bloating makes me feel far lol x

  • Should say fat not far lol

  • Hi Bevie, its lovely to see ya gal :) :) 

    Ha ha ha ermmmm, I was thinking of fart !! sorryyyyyyyyyy 

  • Monkey I never worry about farting just do it lolololololololo 

  • Ha ha ha Bevie, whether in church or chapel, let it rattle gal :D :D xx 

  • Hi Bevie yes same here no problem at all going to the toilet just major bloating. I have only started taking ginger and probiotics so I will keep you all informed 😇

  • Me too. Don't take the fibogel it makes it worse I got some good tablets of the doctor called mebeverine for ibs very good 

  • My OH half was a medical rep in a past life, fybogel does work but you absolutely must take on added water. It really does a good job with colon cleansing absorbs lots of nasties. Add a couple of prunes maybe? If you are constipated or bloated there maybe little pockets of impacted feacal content which cause the ballooning. 

    See how it goes and maybe make an appointment in a week or so..

  • Thank you all for taking the time to help with this problem lol Well now thr problem is not going to the toilet but only severe bloating. I am a walking health store at the minute so I will give you all an update in a few days 😇

  • Gained  a lot in 4 mos--Id like to think it is bloating but Im hungry and ate for a while like a pig--its miserable and Im outgrowing everything--Im 5'2

  • Lol I was at the doctor today and there is no doubt it is bloating I would actually take a picture and show you but I would be banned for taking up too much space 😂😂 You can tell the difference by pinching the skin if you can do it then it is fat if not then it is bloating lol

  • 😂 just wondering if the doctor had any good advice to help😳

  • As predicted no help whatsoever only "keep doing what you are doing and the main thing is you are not smoking" 😏 Everyone has an opinion about everything smoke related until you give up!!

  • Yep unfortunately that's the way it is☹️  onwards and upwards😇

  • 🤗🤗 it really is amazing how unprepared the medical profession are when you seek advice on quitting even the leaflets are all NRT related.

  • Or it could be a mixture if both did he not give you any advice. I have the same problem if it was just fat I would be fat in other places. Ask for fluid retention tablets and see if that helps 

  • No advice on the bloating at all. To be fair I suppose if he has not ever quit then all he would know is textbook stuff oh well it is all new to me too and if I had known about the level of bloating I can safely say I would not have taken the plunge.

  • I would go back and see a female GP if you have one not everyone is the same I never had bloating when I stopped I had It before it may not have anything to do with stopping smoking 

  • My stomach was examined today and had bloods taken two weeks ago nothing sinister. It is pointing towards quitting. 

  • cant be worse than this --immaculate conception

  • All I can say is I began the bloating too and I know that quitting nicotine makes your brain tell the body to do all kinds of bad and weird things to try to get you to light up again....I just tell myself to anything new I get:    AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS........

  • It seems to make it harder to breathe when I bloat. Does it do that to any of you guys?

    I know if I gain just a few pounds, it is harder to breathe. Has to do with crowding the diaphragm. I learned that with the BETTER BREATHER seminar.

  • Also, I just found that you can have flatuence, which seems like bloating when you take azithromycin which a lot of us COPD people take...So, could that be what I have? Or, is it part of the QUIT? I'm not asking the doctor because he always shrugs his shoulders at anything I ask and says he does not know. And that is it with him.

    Also, does anyone have troubles breathing when they take the azithromycin? I do? But they are running out of an antibiotic that they can give to me because of this!

  • I don't take that tablet never been offered it I have bloating I put it down to the medication. My COPD used to be stable but for the las few years none of the medication I get is helping I am being referred to a immunologist because I have developed a Iow immune system 

  • Hi winded sorry to hear your meds are causing you problems. Thankfully  I did  not develop any smoking related illness and am on no meds for anything other than the ones I purchased in the health shop for the bloating. I have read a few posts on the Internet which confirms breathing and bloating are interlinked however I do not suffer with breathing right now.

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