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Trouble Breathing

Hi everyone I have been trying to stop smoking now for the past 10 years and managed to quit for 5 months last year but then lost my job and did the worst thing ever and started smoking again due to the stress. I now have another job and have gone back to the quit clinic and started a course of champix again and today is my 28th day smoke free.

I have come across your community as since I have quit smoking my chest feels so much tighter and breathing is a lot worse than when I smoked, just walking up stairs makes breathing heavier. I do zero exercise and have decided I am going to join the gym this weekend and get fit. This will probably about kill me short term but hopefully long term, if I stick at it will be super fit and have the lungs of superman!

Anyway having read some of the posts on here it has put my mind at ease that a lot of people struggle with breathing in the early days of quitting, so thank you for that and think I will use this site to help me stay strong..........

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Hi Simon and a big warm welcome to quit support :) :)

Awesome effort on your 28 days quit. I am glad you have found some of the posts helpful :) :) That is one of the many great things about this site is that we are all on the same journey and between us all, I think we have experienced just about every possible symptom which is a great help for newly quit members.

Keep up the great quit :) :)


Hi Simon, I would like to wish you Good Luck with your quit journey.

Exercising is a great way to get that feel good factor, and helps the healing process within our body's.

Stay Strong, and keep in touch, :-)


Hiya Simon, welcome to quit support and huge congratulations on 28 days smoke free, great achievement so well done to you👍🏼

Yep unfortunately this quit journey throws up quite a few unwanted side effect😩

There are some very good breathing excercises on here to help you. Excercise is one of the best things for you to do, so good luck with the gym and those lungs will certainly improve. Here's to a healthier future😊x

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Hi Simon, well done hun it's a great quit you have got going on there 😁😁

Good luck with the gym.... your a greater man than me.... although that could be because I'm not a man... 😁😁😁 am sure it will do you the power of good 😮😆😆

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Hi ya Simon, a big warm welcome to our quit support community :) and a massive well done to you for reaching the 4 weeks mark on your quit journey :) :) If you could please let me know your quit date, then I can add you to the Wall of Winners and assign you with the right Winners badge :)

Yes, I'm afraid tightness of the chest is a pretty common symptom in the first few months of quitting :( but it does get better :) :) Just wandering if you have coughed up any phlegm :o I know its not a very nice thing to say :( but, you just think of all that crap you have in your lungs from smoking and we have to help our lungs clear themselves out :) Sooo, exercising could help you a lot eh :)

As for the champix, it's an excellent form of NRT :) but, but, please stick to it and finish the course off completely :)

Simon, you come on here any time you like, let us know if your having a good day, bad day, or if you want a good ole moan, or just a chat, then come on :) :)

Hope to speak soon :) Pete :)


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