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Breathing symptoms

Welcome! I smoked a pack a day since I was about 20. When I was about 50, I quit. When I was about 57, I went through a divorce and started smoking again. Now I'm 60, and I finally quit again. It's been about 1 month. Now I'm feeling short of breath, wheezing at times, and kind of feeling a nervousness in my chest. I read that quite a few people go through this when they quit. If I walk around the block, I'll definetly start coughing, but it passes quickly. I hope this passes, but I don't!

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Well done on deciding to quit sir. The coughing and wheezing means that you are healing. I experienced the that when I quit too. This will pass.

Have a great quit.


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Hello and welcome to quit support, First of all may I say well done on quitting.

Being out of breath is very common and should settle in time. If however you are still

struggling in a couple of months time, I would get checked out at the doctors.

It could be you need a little help to open your airways, perhaps an inhaler is needed.

Have a good read at the pinned posts and please keep in touch.

I will add you to our wall of winners and assign you your badge. I will put your quit date as

28/08/17 if this is okay. :) xx

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Hello, and thank you. Yes, that is a good date.


Hi FM, welcome to the Quit family! I dunno...it maybe just an idea to get checked out at the docs so you know for sure what's going on under your shirt so to speak. It'll put your mind at rest if nothing else. Us 57 babies have to look after ourselves! Much love Poll x


Maybe try the breathing exercises on the pinned posts. Don't overdo any exercise. Go at your pace, your energy will gradually build over time. It will take a wile to feel any kind of normality but you are doing your body and mind a great service by quitting.

And like the others have said, if it continues, get a check up, 😊.

Well done on your quit so far, you are doing great🎉💪💪🚭🚭


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