A Hint of Hope

A Hint of Hope

I said I'd post an article on progress, changes and positives that have happened because of ya'll and this great forum!

1. I joined an exercise class. Granted, it is a slow, fairly easy 'beginners' class, but that is probably just what I need right now.

2. I've started walking.

3. I will join something else, and many more, as I can't smoke there! Free art classes...anything!

4. Started breathing from diaphragm, and doing the 'pursed lip' breathing.

5. I sleep all night, soundly.

6. I washed a wall, did dishes, and started moving 1/2 hr. after getting up!

7. Eating better, to be ready for not smoking. changing diet now, ahead of time!

8. Quit sugar... probably 99%. It started out being dropped by 1/4, then 1/2 now, 99% off sugar.

9. Quit bread and potatoes.

10. Have made new social friends that I care about!!

11. Feel like I matter, to some, anyway.

12. Starting now, I will keep a daily log. Later, I can refer back to it, so that one, I never smoke again, and two, to help others.

13. I believe I can actually start a quit center here, once I get a year, that will make a difference in somebody's life.

14. I'm smiling. this is serious business, but with others, with this group, it is possible to succeed!

15. I may start a class teaching cake decorating again!

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  • Thanks for sharing. It is very inspiring..and OMG....love the cake. You have an amazing talent.

    You are doing some great planning and preparation for your quit. We do have a great support network and you too will become another success ..just believe in you and it will happen πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ°πŸ°πŸ°

  • Hi Willdo, am just flippin loving your plans :) :) and even loving that cake morerererer :) :) yum yum :P :D :D

    Willdo, when and only when you are ready to stamp on mr nic and say NOPE :) you know we will all be here for ya :) :) and of course, if you can help others to quit too, then all the better :) :)

    If your going to start a cake decorating class, then your home from home on here gal, cos there will be loads of takers :) myself included :) but ermmm, saying that, I will have to learn how to bake cakes first eh :o :D :D

    I'm soooo happy for ya and you keep intouch now :) :)

  • Can I do a class on here, Pete?

  • Yes!!!!

  • Thank you. Without you, not possible to win!

  • Whooohooo get you willdo..... That's a great plan you got going on, I'm loving it Hun 😊😊

  • Without ALL OF YOU, I would....possibly... make it, but here is where I want to be, with friends that have been through it, and where I can laugh, cry, stomp my feet..and keep marching! Thanks.

  • I'm luvin your plan too Willdo and luvin your cake even moreπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Bloody hell that is a cake a and a half! I'm in shock!! Its a shame that just after taking the photo it fell off that table!

    Your quit plan sounds extensive and exhausting you have certainly thought of everything. When is the big day?

    Yes if you can't find a quit group then start one. Brilliant idea. Good luck Ax

  • ...fell off of the table, and onto the floor... alas, my poor meatball, it rolled out the door..! HaHaHa! That cake was actually a 'lesson' cake, was training a 13 yr. old to decorate, so it was rather elaborate, all packed into a small stacked cake. We all had fun eating it though, her family was way impressed, and froze part for later.

    I probably haven't thought of everything, but trying to eliminate some of the 'biggies'. I don't know the date yet. Have 3 major stress areas to get rid of first, that would absolutely create a failure atmosphere.... so, I'm working on ...doing what I can do..at this time..

    I absolutely have to correct the 3 stress areas, prior to any date, so now, have begun to tackle those areas, too.

    Last time I quit, I gained 60#!! Not that I minded so much, but I really want to try to not gain so much this time. I was told last time to not worry about any weight gain, that once I got a quit leveled out, I could tackle the weight, but nothing wrong in improving diet choices, so doing it ahead. Just found the GREATEST site for WAY healthy desserts, brownies, ... dinners... that are more than just.. baked apples again..!

    I just can't even say what this group means to me! If ya'll can do it, I can, too!!! I can, I can, I can! Like title says, I have a hint of hope. Before this site, it was... I need to quit. I should quit. god, i'm killing myself. I really should quit. Oh well, I'm going to let this monster take me to my grave. I may as well accept it. Not any more!

    Am changing body Ph right now, which was a -6, to goal of 7.5... never actually ate lemons before, or grapefruit, but DO NOW!

    I love this site and am so grateful for your stories, too, as they have SO motivated me!

    Be well, Gloria.

  • It certainly is an amazing cake yes, bet you did enjoy eating it. You could do a class on here via video feed and we all in our kitchens following your directions! Bet mine would look like the dogs dinner tho!

    I'm glad you are planning everything out carefully it will help. And a good idea to get rid of other stressors in your life I understand that but be aware there are always new stressors coming through.

    Yes this site is amazing, always someone on here who knows exactly (and I mean exactly) what you mean. I think this is truly a quite unique resource in life and all too often people say I know what you mean and how you feel when you're quite clear they are just being nice.

    And its OK to come on here and say actually its a bit shit today know what I mean?

    Its very nice to meet you Gloria, Andrew

  • :)

  • Thought I'd put a very quick reply to what you said about ... there are always new stressors coming into a life... and I hear you! I'm not trying to eliminate all/any stress... just giving an honest appraisal to the ones currently dealing with... I am rating stressors into categories..1. Major 2. Minor 3. Inconvenient. A flat tire is an inconvenient, although a stressor that day ... . an unexpected bill, say septic tank going out, is an expensive, agitating stressor, but can face that. Minor. Having a calm household, where we can all get along pretty well: Major.

    I think I am over my hesitation to post.... things like ..this is a completely screwed up day! It's OK, thanks to you and more! I expect to have those, and now, it will pass. The day will pass...

    It's just that when I started smoking (cigarettes), I went from one or two, to 4 packs/day in less than 2 months! Addicted.

    I remember telling my brother, who also smoked, but warned me that it's addicting... "No, not for me. I'll be OK."

    He finally quit, 4 years ago, at age 68, with Chantix, and legs that will barely get warm.

    I'm serious about this quit: I may not get another. I'm so afraid of not making it.

  • it was just something else to throw into the mix to think of. My experience is that every time something goes wrong or is stressful I would think either I need a cigarette to deal with this or I might as well smoke because everything else is going to pot. And its not true you can get through events without cigarettes. That's all, its up to you when you're ready and only you know.

    Another thought... have you looked at the Alan Carr book, easy way to give up smoking. It helps take some of the fear out of it.

    Agree you do need calm and supportive surroundings to help you with the quit.

  • Awe willdo... I feel for you ....... I thought the same - I may not get another chance to quit... Young women in my family who smoke have strokes..... Scared me into quitting...... You're an inspiration to me and to others I'm sure..... you remind me how desperate we become to get off the cigarettes and how scared I was and still am that I may start again..... And it has nothing to do with money for me...... It's my health!!! I fear for my health and for everyone's on here and for everyone I know who smokes as well.... When I see people smoking, it upsets me........anyways.... Thankyou for joining our site and being an active member

    Arizona xx

  • So right Andrew.... There will always be new stressors that are guaranteed to come about.... I always say to myself "Not one puff no matter what happens"

  • Lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Hey you go girlfriend!! You are a winner already - your attitude is inspirational and you will LOVE your smoke free life.


    Ngaire xxπŸ°πŸ°πŸ°πŸ°πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό

  • Thanks so much, NgaireM! Means a lot to me, from you, and everyone here! I'm busy telling myself every day...all day..."I don't smoke! I don't smoke!"

    Have probably reduced by 1/2 since I get there.

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