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Hey! I'm sadden I haven't been on here much :( .. but I'm dealing with pain my whole body hurts it kinda feels like when you work out and the next day sore that feeling... I'm not that great with pain.. I'm still smoke free and I am very happy. . If I can get over all this stuff getting thrown on me from stopping cigarettes then I believe I just might make it.. .. . Thank you all who has and is supporting me I was lost till I came across this family I'm grateful. . Have a great day and enjoy fresh air..

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Take one day at a time , your doing great :-)


Hi Jess

Sorry to hear you suffering with pains. You are doing ever so well with you quit especially as you are doing it cold turkey :) :) .

You body does take some time to adjust to not having all those nasty chemicals from cigarettes and it kind of goes in to shock mode. However, the human body is amazing how it is forgiving and in can repair damage that we put it through.

Keep seeing at as a positive Jess - I found it took about 3 months for me and after that things just kept on getting better..

You are still young and have a little one to keep you motivated.. You truly are doing fantastic and are almost through the worst of it :) :) :)


Hiya jessi, you're doing great to keep going. Really sorry to hear you have pain and it's very difficult when ya feel like that. As Lin has said you're nearly over the worst at this stage. You're not lost now as we are all here to help you get through this. be proud of every day hun, coz we're all proud of you😊x


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