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Strength is fading :(

Hey everyone sorry I haven't been on lately. So good to read everyone appears to be doing well besides some VERY minor hiccups! Pete it's great to see you back and I'll look forward to your daily update :). You are gonna end up with 'six pack' abs the way you're going with that rowing machine! Good for you mate keep it up :)

Also it's great to see so many new names.......you've landed in the right place :) here you will get the support and encouragement you need.

I've been through an extremely traumatic personal experience the last week or so which is why I haven't been on. Put that together with a new job and I have to say that I'm proud that I've managed to avoid the temptation to light one up. But I feel my strength draining day by day but I'm going to try and keep smoke free. After quitting December 23, a couple of slip ups, now wearing a winner tag I'd hate to have to start again. Whilst dreadfully sad at the moment I keep reminding myself that a cigarette is not going to make me feel any better.

Love to you all

Mardi xxx

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Oh Mardi, sorry to hear your feeling a bit down at the moment. I think it's something that you have to go through because it's like a bereavement. You're missing your "friend" (the fag) and it's trying to get you back, but you just have to stay strong and ride through it. Keep shouting at it to go away, tell yourself that you don't do that any more. You'll get there cos I think that you really do want to be free of those little white sticks (and not having disgusting pictures in your handbag! :o ) Big hugs, Andi. xxx :)


Thanks andi big hugs back to you xo

I'm very lonely at the moment.......break up of long term relationship and now no ciggies. But they're not gonna bring the love of my life back. I just gotta remind myself of that.

Sorry I promise I won't keep on xxx

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Hi Muddles, So sorry about your heartache. But as you say the ciggies will not change anything, I hope you can stay strong, Hugs coming from me. X.


Thank you for the hugs xxx


Hey Mardi, sorry to hear how bad things are for you at the minute. If you do choose to smoke, it won't help the situation other than give you some more extra pressure in that you'll have to feed your addiction again.

Also, if you do smoke I am almost certain that it won't be long before you'll want to be quitting again so let's not put you back there now eh?!

We're all here for you, distance won't stop the support you'll receive. Just try and deal with each craving as you can, you've come ever so far.

Relationship break ups can be so traumatic and yet given time you will come through this.

Big hugz being sent to you Xoxox


Oh Mardi sweet girl,

I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles.You're dead right that a cig will make NOTHING better & all you'll have to do is hand your badge back.Don't do it,PLEASE,it will solve nothing at all.Please keep fighting,look at how positive you were just a week ago,hold onto that feeling and remember how good you felt.HUGE hugs winging their way to you,shout if there's absolutely anything I can do.Hugs always Helen x


P.s I've been there,done that & got the Tee.Do you have some support in Oz? Is there someone who can help you ? I just know when it happened to me I needed a shoulder to cry on until I kinda got onto an even keel.If it helps in any way I got a second chance with someone new & I've never been happier.TRY to think positive. H xx

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Oooooh Mardi, am so sorry gal :( but in the next breath, I 'm soooo glad you havnt lit up again :) :)

As for your strength draining away, I've got a little something for that :) ;)


Luvs ya Mardi and loads a big warm huggs heading your way gal, I've sent em first class, so they will get to you quicker :) :)

Speak soon, Mardi, your a Lady, so keep calm and eat some chocy eh :)

Pete :) xxxx


So sorry to hear your news but your right going back to cigs won't help it would just be another problem to deal with. Take care and keep in touch xx


Hey Hun stay strong honey I am going through the same myself, but we def don't need fags that's for sure x

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We're all her with you, Mardi, stay strong, you are. Warm wishes and hugs to you. My daughter's just in shock and going thro it the same x


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