So close to having a fag today :-(

I've had quite a stressful past couple of days. Today was the worst with my health anxiety set on full power. My health anxiety is still focusing hard on my chest area making all the mussels around this area really tense.

This makes me cough and cough and cough until I cough blood! Then I don't cough no more.

This really gets me down and I just wanted to say sod it. Give me a fag.. I didn't but I came so close today.

I'm going back to doctors tomorrow just to get them to check chest, but deep down I know it's anxiety related and this forceful coughing it makes me do..

I'm not feeling positive today :-(

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  • Ian, you stick with it pal, just calmmmmmmmm down a bit eh :) :)

    Just try some nice and easy breathing exercises eh :)

    Just slow down a bit eh :) Breath in counting to 10, then breath out counting to 10 aloud :) just slow down,

    Take your time :) there's no rush what so ever pal :)

  • Ian, look how far you've come.4 months without a fag is how far.Would a fag make your muscles better NO it wouldn't, would fag calm your anxiety about your health,NO it wouldn't,would a fag help your cough,NO it wouldn't.So,really all that fag is gonna do is get you hooked because you can't just buy 1fag can you, and if you've got them you have to smoke them and probably also make you feel guilty that you've caved in and smoked again.TRY and stay strong,slimmingworld not make anything better.

  • Nice one gal, :) :)

  • Hey you two.... thanks :-)

    I know it won't make me feel but you know that feeling! I would hate myself so much if I did after everything. That really messes with my head.

    I've been doing my breathing exercisers most of day. I also retreated to my bedroom to calm myself and gather my thoughts. Once relaxed I can stop the cough but seeing the blood has made my health anxiety explode!

    Deep down its because ive put so much strain on my whole resp system. I've had all the tests and I'm all good. Just need to keep myself calm..

  • Ian, just slow down abit pal eh :) but please make an appointment to see your doc tomorrow eh, cos they may be able to put your mind at rest eh :) :)

    please try this Ian, cup your hands and place them together, pull them towards your face, and breath through your hands, with deep slow breaths :) :)

    Thats it, innnnnnnnnnnnnnn and outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt just slow down a bit eh :) :)

  • You might have already, but try mindfulness and grounding techniques. You are string enough to work through this and come out stronger.

    Hope it all goes well at the doctors tomorrow xx

  • I try mindfulness haven't heard of grounding. What's that?

    Once I'm stressing I find it hard to get my thoughts together. I hate getting myself worked up so much. I'm like a band ready to snap.

    Going to make myself a hollicks chill and hopefully get some sleep.

    another day tomorrow, lets start again.

  • Ian, please go see your GP tomorrow eh, just to put your mind at ease :) :)

    You enjoyyyyyy your horllics and chill :) sweet dreams and I hope you have a lovely nights sleep :) :)


    It's little things that bring you back to I reality. If you use them just as an anxiety attack is brewing it can make you feel less of that spaced out feeling that starts it

  • Hey Pete,

    I'm chilling in bed now with my hollicks. I'm def going to see doc tomorrow. My doc is really good and is looking after me well.

    I just hate these days, I had been doing really well and this seems like it's put me right back again.

    Thanks for all the support. Night xx


  • Hey Ian, hope you are feeling heaps better today mister.

    Let us know how you got on at the Dr's won't you?

    Positive feel-good vibes winging their way across to you from all of us here ;-)

  • Hey all,

    Thanks for the support. I've been feeling a bit better today, I even done a full day at work (I'm now coming off a back to work plan).

    I've just got back from doctors and all good (stats all good, chest clear etc) The blood is coming from a now very sore throat! !

    I've been managing my "cough" today by deep breathing if i feel the urge to cough. And that's been working really well.

    I had a therapy session on Friday and we found the cause of my violent " cough ". I now need to work on relaxing when I feel the urge to cough.



  • Been there myself Morriemoo and it's really hard but you above anyone can do this, you inspire me as I have said on numerous occasions so keep with the faith, having a drink is bad for me too, takes to right to the edge my friend but you know what you show MAr Nic he has no chance and that you are more determined than ever, I am always here for you never forget that we all are ad will help you all the way my friend keep going just a blip my friend just a blip x

  • Hey Kaprin,

    Out of the last 4 months yesterday was the closest I've come to saying F it, give me a fag. Lucky I was able to see sense before it got to it and calm myself down just enough.

    But even after 4 months I still have thoughts that having a fag will make everything better. It just shows how powerful nicotine is.

    I wonder if that thought will ever really leave. Emjay, or anyone does that thought ever really leave ya?

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