Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms????

Hi Guys, I've been reading to the community forums here about what you experience when you quit smoking, I mean the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine. I mostly feel what I've read in this forum. I feel chest pain (near the heart), sometimes difficulty in breathing, feeling I'm being chocked up, feeling bloated, nausea, dizziness, feeling irritated (sometimes I feel like I need to punch someone... :( feeling like losing control.

What the odd thing is I don't all of this everyday, usually one to three of these but not all at the same time. I will feel like those for a few minutes, then it will go away, then after a few minutes it will come again. The next day or the next week, it's a different group that I will feel. I'm losing my mind on this one, I feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack or will die anytime. Please guys, need your inputs on this one.

PS: I notice on the forum nobody rants about withdrawal symptoms from 6 months up. Do I have to endure that long? :(

Smoke free since Jan 1, 2015 (NEW LIFE) :) Thanks guys! God bless!

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  • Welcome to quit support Tristan and congrats on being smoke free this year, well done. It seems you're having a tough time by the sounds of things but a lot of these feelings are due to nicotine withdrawal. Your body is adjusting to being denied what it wants and the emotional side is also tough, so you're not losing your mind. We become agitated and that makes us anxious and then the body goes into overdrive. The best thing is to try and slow down your breathing so you feel in control. There are some good breathing excercises on the right of the page to help. You won't experience this as time passes as it really does get easier. It would be a good idea to get checked out by your Doctor as this can put your mind at rest about your symptoms. Just wondered are you going cold turkey or are you using nicotine replacement, as this can help us to help you a bit more 👍

  • HI Briar. Thank you for your response. I went cold turkey on this one. Well here in the Philippines it's hard to find nicotine patches or any nicotine replacements, the closest we have here is ecig. Well don't want to do that one since I'll still be hanging around the smoking area during break times at work and if that didn't satisfy me I might ask for a stick of cigs. Good to know this is just withdrawal sympthoms, I just didn't expect that it would feel like this. Appreciate your inputs on this one Briar, its really comforting to hear words from people who actually went through this phase. Thanks!

  • Well massive respect for cold turkey Tristan, very hard thing to do and now the nicotine has left your body and its now healing itself, which takes a bit of time but is really worth all the suffering. Stay with it and you'll reap the benefits of your hard work. Be proud of your achievement and please let us know how you're getting on. The worst is behind you and you can look forward to the freedom in your new smoke free life. take care 😃 x

  • Yes, I'll keep you guys posted on this one on what I will experience. Thanks! :D

  • Hi Tristan and a big welcome to quit support :)

    It sounds like you are going through a rough time, will get better.

    You are definitely through the worst of it now and although it might not feel like it, you will be so glad you persevered.

    I gave up cold turkey too after 40 years of 30 a day and so remember where you are now

    For me, once I got through the first 3 months, I did t get too much other than the occasional visit from mr nicotine trying to get me back🐽🐽🐽

    We all experience different things, but one thing is guaranteed, we are all so glad we made the decision to quit.

    You are doing very well, just hang in there 😄😄😄

  • Thanks Glolin, it's good to hear that the worst of withdrawal lasted only 3 months for you. I'll be reaching my 3 month of being smoke free by April 1, and hopefully it will minimize by that time.

    Great news guys, as of the moment of writing I still didn't feel any symptoms, except that my sleep lasted only for 4 hours. Hopefully I won't kick in again as I go to work later. Thanks for the encouragement guys! God bless You! :)

  • Didto did to didto

    Everything you said I had and the dry cough is now there sometimes after four months; otherwise I feel great.

    You will start to feel better and try to remember you didn't feel great when you were smoking.

    It gets a lot better. I still want to smoke sometimes mentally but remember this:

    Anything is better done without smoking than with.

    Don't compound a new issue or sad event by starting back.

    After a week of not smoking your over the big part.

    The rest is body flushing out crap and repairing lung cillia.

    Start walking 30 minutes every day or moderate exercise 30 minutes a day even if it's in a chair.

    Never Take Another Puff NTAP.

    I am a none smoker and will be a non smoker for the rest of my life.


  • Thanks Steve, its really comforting to hear people had experience the same withdrawal symptoms as I did and thank you all for your encouragement and support! :D

  • you are doing great just keep talking with yourself that you are non-smoker and never go back to the situation you were before. I would say even never try to have one cigarette anymore as it will discontinue your struggle and you may need more and more struggle. I believe you already pass the most difficult time and the rest is much more beautiful. good luck!

  • Hi Tristan, congratulatons on keeping to your goal, especially without any nicotine replacement. It's very inspiring from the perspective of someone on Day 6, using microtabs...

    On breathing - I've used a simple technique in the past to counter anxiety, called 'counted breath' - it is really easy but absorbs you for a little while and in the process calms you down (and you can do it anytime, anywhere - well except maybe not if you are trying to hold a conversation!):

    Breathe in for one count, breathe out for one count

    Breathe in for two counts, out for two counts, twice

    Breathe in for three counts, out for three counts, three times

    Breathe in for four counts, out for four counts, four times

    So you get the picture - continue to increase as long as you like. Up to ten counts takes a bit of practice but is worth it.

    Then if you want to carry on longer, breathe yourself down the same way, reducing each time until you are back to one breath.

    .....And now I've remembered this I'll have to try it again myself!

    Best wishes

  • Thanks Just62, I will try that one out and will let you know of the results. God bless! :)

  • I understand How you feel this is my 35 day and My god I cry and lose it then I will be fine I think to much about smoking Everyday something happens that makes me want a smoke . but I have not give in !! keep with it Talk with people that know how difficult this is !

  • Hey Tristan well done hun on 2 months quit..... that's fantastic :)

    The others have said it all but like you I felt really punchy at one point and quite upset about it.... I came on here, shared my thoughts and the lovely people on here got me thru it :)

    Stick with it, stick with us and we will help you as much as we can.... remember we are all in the same boat and we are a right nosey bunch on here so will probably ask you loads of questions about the Phillipines once we get to know you :O :) :D but don't tell monky too much or he may want to come visit :)

    MONKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY we need a lovely two month badge over here for Tristan please :) :)

  • Aup Tristan, a big warm welcome to our quit support community :) and a massive well done to you on your quit so far annnnnd cold turkey tooo :) :) I take my hat off to you Tristan for going it cold turkey :)

    I see you've had loads of great advice and support already from our lovely members :) :)

    Tristan, we are all made different and our bodies react in different ways :o usually, we will get 2 or 3 of your symptoms, but you are really going through it pal :( Ermmmm, I'm just wondering if some of these symptoms are just in your mind, if you see what I mean :o You say you've read all about the withdrawal symptoms on here, so perhaps your minds thinking you've got them :o this is why your experiencing different symptoms on different days :o

    Maybe your thinking too much about it, your getting too deep into the withdrawal aspect of quitting :o Try to lighten up a bit eh :) try not to think about these symptoms and if and when you get one, then write down what you were doing and where you were :) lets try to make a pattern of what happens when you get these symptoms. I would suspect its perhaps to do with anxiety :o cos I've never heard of anybody else having so many symptoms before and, after being quit for 2 months :o If in any doubt Tristan, nip and see you GP please :)

    Try doing Just62's breathing exercise :) this may just calm your mind down a bit eh :) Emjay, my lovely Boss Lady posted a breathing exercise a while ago now, which may help to, I will go and find it for you and repost it :)

    Take care now pal, cos your doing just flippin ACE :)

    Pete :)

  • I'm feeling better now, ai don't experience much of shortness in breath as much. Although last night I experienced a discomfort on my right chest. i experience this when doing sudden movement. I consulted a cardiologist and said if the pain if movement related that is not heart related it is more of muscle. He then advised me to have an xray and blood chem and bring results to him. We will keep you posted on that.

    Thanks Pete for the badge! I was wondering how to edit that. And i will try to ease of my mind on the symptoms, I'll update you on this. God bless!

  • Hey big respect for going cold turkey, but remember the symptoms are also partly due to the other 4000+ chemicals your no longer getting, you are doing an amazing job, and i admire you going cold turkey :) x

  • Hi Tristan, have your symptoms got any better? If so when? I've only quit 3 weeks and experiencing a lot if what you were. Hopefully it gets easier:-) I can't wait to feel healthy :-)

  • Hai how are u now boydyk

  • hi there. how are you now my friend. im a filipino too with the exactly the same case as you are. howd did u overcome this? thank u in advance for your help. and also how long before u passed all this?

  • Are you having chest pain too? Near the heart?

  • Am having the same chest pain to Near the heart

  • how long did you quit now?

  • I feel this now dunno if this is withdrawal or a heart attack

  • i would suggest to see your GP but it maybe just gerd mixed with anxiety due to widrawal. it was a worst feeling. i know ive been there. 3 to 4 mos before i got relief.

    i even had the feeling of pins and needles in your chest like numbness.

  • Im just wondering now, why us Filipinos have the same withdrawals?? I'm sure Marlboro lights or red were our cigs. Marlboro here in PH is the most poisonous one. Lol!

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