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8 month anniversary


Just that really, I'm officially 8 months free of those nasty cigarettes and nearly 4 months nicotine free (13 th May) Do I feel better, YES I do, despite having multiple chest infections since I quit, would I do it again, YES I would because even in those early days and weeks you realise just how much of a hold that nicotine has on you and personally I didn't want to be that way for the rest of my life. So, if you're reading this and thinking 'I wish that was me' (I did exactly the same thing when I first came on to the site!!) STOP wishing, make a plan to quit, set your date, stay close to the good folk on here and soon you'll be where I am now.Hugs and Happy Weekend to all. Helen x

p.s As ever my love and thanks to EmJay, Jillygirl, Pete, PinkieZoom, and all those who quit round about the same time as me, it's only because of you and a small sprinkling of will power that I'm where I am now.

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Helen! Lovely to hear from you and so glad that I'm online at the same time. 8 months! Wow!

Using all your past experiences of stopping smoking, you put a huge effort into your quit and was 1000% committed throughout.

If you have a plan, have the commitment and then stay focussed on where you want to be... Jobs as good as done :-)

Lovely to hear from you, I hope you are heading fast towards doing something at a local fayre with your jewellery making... :-)


Well done to you. I am the same day as you 4 months on 13th may. It is very liberating being a non smoker and you can carry a smaller handbag!


Congratulations Helen, you are amazing :) s29.photobucket.com/user/ru...

Helen, you are a star and real inspiration. Huge congratulations! Celebration planned? :)

Following you in stage 1 here, and would like to think I can quit the nic later. Fingers crossed.

Do you still use the ecig, with no nicotine, or have you given that up too? I can't imagine managing without that at the moment :[


Helen your a star. * 8 months is fantastic. It has gone so quickly. You have always supported everyone thank you so much. xxx



Aup Helen, thats flippin great news gal :) :) and not are you only 8 Months quit, but very nearly 4 Months nicotine free toooooooooooo :) :) :)

I cant fault you one little bit H :) I am sooooooo proud of you and I flippin hope you are tooo eh :) :) Plus, you've helped loads a people on here too, including me right :)

Have a lovely relaxing weekend H, love and huggs heading your way :) xx

Anyone who reads this and thinks they can't quit All you need to know is YES YOU CAN.I really really wish with all my heart I'd managed to do this sooner.Those first weeks are never easy,especially if you've smoked for a while,but it won't kill you,cigarettes on the other hand will.Pete,I want to see you here soon O.K.so don't give up,Jilly an inspiration as ever.EmJay,have you booked that trip to Thailand yet?Betts,Briarwood and KC,THANK YOU for the good wishes,no celebration planned but BIG bead fair next week so HAVE cash to buy new supplies.:-) Have made 30 pairs of earrings,6 bracelets and 8 rings with 40 odd days till my craft fair.

Nick-o-teenfree3 Months Winner

Well done H,you really are an inspiration,when I first came on here back in Jan i read a lot of the posts and yours are(were) always so positive,they gave me encouragement to carry on.Going into my 4th month :) :)

Once again H thank you very much,roll on the year anniversary :)

Speak soon Nic xx

Well done Helen you should be so proud.


Big congratulations Helen, fantastic achievement what a star you are, so very pleased for you. As you know you are one of the people on this site who has been such an inspiration, helping others including myself and for that I will always thank you. Good luck with the craft fair don't forget we want pictures sounds as if it is going to be great fun, I have started again doing a bit of jewellery making made some earrings not as advanced as you are but nevertheless enjoying it again. Take care my friend and thank you x

Helen, that is just brilliant that you've been nic free for 4 months and 8 months off the cigs in total. Congratulations - no going back now! You've been such a help and inspiration to others quitting around the same time too. Enjoy your craft fair and don't be a stranger. Andi xxx :)

Well done Yellow Snowdon. You're an inspiration. Thank you.

monkyAdministrator in reply to surrendertowin

Aup Ray, its great to see you pal :)

Dont you ever ever forget, that you too are an inspiration to us all :) :)

Speak soon pal :) Pete :)

Your kind words mean SUCH a lot.I also couldn't have done it without any of you. Hugs H x

Massive Congratulations Helen - this is an amazing achievement and I really hope you are feel very proud of yourself? I still can't imagine what that would feel like - it still feels unreal to me even now! Well done you :) :) x

Ray, It's really good to see you.HOPE that everything is mending and that you're still managing your walks.I want to see pics of you striding out in the summer and be VERY proud of you.As Pete says,it's you who's the inspiration not me.Seem to think that it's not too long until you have your 8 month badge too. H x

Hi all. It was 29 weeks yesterday off of the sticks. It's my real Birthday today. 39 plus vat. Lol. 59 real age. I only feel about 25 still.

Take care all . Ray

monkyAdministrator in reply to surrendertowin

Aup Ray, its great to see your still off the smokes pal and a big happy Birthday to you :) :) and as Betts and DroopyJ have said, your as old as you feel pal :) :)


Enjoy your day :) Pete :)

Happy birthday Ray!

You are as old as you feel, 25 it is then :)

Lots to celebrate, brilliant to be able to celebrate it being smoke free. Huge congratulations :)

Have a great day!

droopyJMarvellousness LTW

Congrats Ray that's quite an achievement & happy birthday, remember your only as old as the person you feel.......:))

Thanks everyone.


Happy Birthday Ray, have a great day x stylegerms.com/wp-content/u...

monkyAdministrator in reply to Briarwood

Love it gal, just love it :) :)

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