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Quit Smoking Symptoms Help

Hello all I am Joe and also new to this website but here it goes, I had smoked for 9 years i am 25; I quit when i went to boot camp back in 09 for 2 months ad had 0 symptoms except a euphoric feeling all the time. I recently quit for 2 weeks because i was in county lock up (another story) and after getting out i went back for 2 days and decided to quit totally i have been smoke free for a month 28 days to be exact. I am experiencing anxiety attacks (i guess u could call them that) almost everyday to the point i had to go to the ER because it was new to me and i couldnt breath they did the test and nothing was wrong with me and my heart and lungs but the doctor said I had a post Nasal drip prescribed me Mucinex and Affrin nasal spray and they worked and i could breath again without the lump in the back of my throat i took all of the mucinex and used the nasal spray but now the shortness of breath is back and the lump in my throat is there also. I haven't coughed since quitting but my sinuses are producing a whole lot of clear mucus all day everyday all i do is sneeze; My concern is the SOB and has anyone else experienced this and if so when will it subside it is freaking me out to the point im scared to leave the house..... Also when i smoked i smoked approximately 5-10 a day

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Hi Joe and welcome to quit support :)

Congratulations on your quit, you are doing brilliant but unfortunately not feeling so good yet. Hang in there because people often feel worse before they feel better :)

Some members have also experienced SOB so I think it will help to do some breathing exercises and I'm sure someone will be along shortly to offer their advice on this :)

I wonder if you may be suffering with anxiety due to this and I've heard other members having this problem as well :)

This is a great community to help all these issues and you will get lots of good advice, so in the meantime, you can check out the breathing exercises and put your mind at rest that these are quite normal symptoms :)

Hang in there coz you're doing really great, well done :) x

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Thank you for the quick response briar and thank you i'm hanging lol, I had a friend tell me about breathing exercises so now i have to figure out where to start on that but other then the SOB I feel amazing


Joe, it's good to hear you're feeling amazing and if you have a good nose around the site you can pick up lots of tips and we'll have to get you a badge for your 4 week quit :) here's hoping that you'll keep posting and let us know how you're getting on coz we just love to chat on here :) x


Hi navyguy, welcome to quit support. Being short of breath is very common when quitting. Breathing exercises and drink plenty of water will help. I think it will all settle down soon. Emjay our advisor may be able to come up with more advice.If your still concerned have another word with your G.P.

Stay strong. :) xx


Thank you i will i have been drinking water like crazy but keeping in mind too much water can kill you


Joe, how comes if you drink too much water, it can kill us ??

I have never heard that one before :o


Aup Joe, its great to see you here and a big welcome to this lovely quit community :) :)

You've been quit for 28 days now then, wayyyyyyyyy hayyyyyyyy pal thats great news :) :)

I think the shortness of breath your having leads to anxiety, you sort of get panic attacks because you think you cant breath properly :o This is quite common when you quit the cigs. I think you just have to try and calm your mind down :) I have posted 1 of Emjays breathing exercises which may help you :)

As for you not coughing since you quit, that too is quite common, but you say you are getting rid of lots of mucus through your nose, this perhaps is another way of your lungs clearing themselves out :)

Joe, we are all different and we get different symptoms when we quit, our bodies are all different :o and its a big change to our bodies when we quit, its not getting what its had for Years :o nicotine and all the 4,000 toxins that come with it !!

Please give it time Joe and try to calm yourself down :)

Joe, you havnt said whether your using any nicotine replacement therapy or going it cold turkey ?? because this may help us help you :)

Please stay with us pal and we will try to help you through this hard time :)

Pete :)


Im going Cold turkey because i was scared to smoke also i had a upper respiratory infection (Post Nasal Drip and Sinusitis) From not smoking when i went to county Jail, and the doctor told me to stop smoking as that could lead to more complications and Thank you Monky i Love how everyone here makes you feel welcomed and like family its like their in it with you :-)


Hi Joe, well looky looky your almost finished day 29 :) That's a fantastic achievement Joe, they do say that if you can stay quit for 28 days your more likely to stay quit :)

Well you have been through the wringer in one way or another over the past month but you have survived it. As to the SOB, I had a bit of that, I thought that when you quit your breathing would improve :O Mine has improved but there are times when I get the SOB again but I think t's probably more to do with anxiety than the non smoking....

Soooo hang in there hun, stay strong and remain focussed and we will give you as much support as we can :) -x-

PS: loving the badge, monky's got a real shine on it for you ;) :)


Thank you i haven't read the 28 day statistics but that will help out a lot thank you i ride my bike a whole lot though to take my mind off of it i do 4.6miles to work and 4.6home lol so i have a lot to think about and that has helped me


wow that's pretty impressive riding... that's about 9.2 miles more than I can manage :D :D

You do whatever it takes to keep off those stinking, addictive & cancerous white sticks hun :)

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I have a question. If I were to have one... just ONE cigarette now. After over one week; of course it would be stupid. But, would I still get the same tiredness and anxiety as I did when I quit after 3 months. Or, would I be over it by the next day? Of course I would reinforce the addiction and refresh the cravings.. argh. I was just wondering after a week and having one cigarette would I be just as tired as I was when I first quit or would I have a smaller amount of tiredness and anxiety. I understand either way it would be stupid and of course NOPE always. Can someone help please?



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