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11 days!

Smoke free... Quit cold turkey and I feel amazing 95% of the time. I still have a little anxiety in my chest some times, but I think it will pass too in the next coming weeks. I love that I don't smell, I don't have to be ashamed!! I was a closet smoker. I would literally put a hoodie on driving to work so I wouldn't stink when I showed up at the office... Always equipt with spray and gum. I finally feel free! So glad I didn't use a NRT this time. You're just still an addict! Allen Carr all the way. ✌️

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Well done Lena 😀

Agree with you about Allen Carr 👍👍👍

I hated the fact I smoked and I never seen it as a social thing either, I hated the smell as well and probably spent as much on perfume as I did cigarettes. So I'm saving double 😆😆

You're doing great with your positive attitude keep it up

It does get easier


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I went cold turkey on Monday and feel great too good luck on your journey xx

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Congrats on 11 days quit and cold turkey as well, fantastic Lena👍😃x

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Aup Lena :) and good for you toooo gal :) and doing it cold turkey, I take my hat off to you :)

I wish you a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) this is where we have all quit, going through our quits or just stating on our journey to quit :) and we all help each other, especially when the going gets tough eh :o

There are quite a few of our members who have quit reading the Allen Carr book :) I've read it, but it didnt seem to do much for me :( but we are all different, so which ever way is the best for us :)

Lena, you have done amazing well gal and if you have any questions or you want a bit of advice, or you just want a chat, then please come on here and we will see what we can do :)

As you can see, ave been out in them their fields and court you a nice 1 weeks Winners badge, I hope you like it :) and if your quit date is Tuesday 12/5/15 then I will be out and about to catch you a 2 weeks Winners badge :) please let me know if it is the wrong date, then I can fix it and I will add you to the Wall of Winners too :)

Enjoy your freedom Lena and hold your head up high and be proud of your achievements :) cos am dead proud of ya gal :)

Speak soon :) Pete :)

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Well done Lena :) :)

you are doing fantastic!!!!!! Keep up the great quit you got going and remember NOPE..Not One Puff Ever....

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Hi ya Lin :) and how are you today now its the weekend at flippin last :o :D :D


Hiya, I am doing good, and ready for a quiet day today. Hubby was away overnight and not due home till probably 11pm tonight so its me and the doggies and birds :) :)

we have got a nice sunny day and have a bbq planned for tomorrow so all and all it will be a good weekend :) :)

How about you?..you got anything planned ?


Yeahhhhhh, pottering about :o :D :D

Hopefully, it will be a good weekend :o soooooo, can get my lawns mown, do some weeding :P :D and have to stain the window and door frames :)

I'm also pondering on planting some of my summer bedding out, but not tooo sure, cos we might get a frost yet :o

Lin, you have a lovely relaxing weekend gal, cos you flippin deserve it :) :) xx


i plan on it as i have to go back over the hill Monday for the audit. Roll on Tuesday 5pm :) :)

We are doing well, havent had a frost here yet. Winter for us are 1st June through to 31 august and all and all the weather has been rather nice. Maybe we will get a mild winter :) :) most of days are up around the 17 -18 :) :)

i would hold off cos ya dont want the frost getting em before they have a chance to grow strong :) :)

I plant a whole pile of winter vegies recently.. Hubby split a couple of big plastic drums for me and have turned them into vegie gardens. I can move them around for either sun or shade :) :) loving it


Gosh Lin, your in your winter months and your getting 17 - 18 :) :) well, we coming up for summer now and only reaching 15 - 18 this week :o :( :(

Am loving your idea of your winter veg garden :) :)

I'm sorry Lin, if I go missing, its this flippin site gal, cos am having a right job getting on here again tonight :o soo I will be getting into touch with HU again tomorrow if I can :o

Have a lovely relaxing day Lin and see's ya soon gal :) :) xx


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