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Its now or never !!

Just been to shops for dog food and groceries, about to drive home when realised i forgot cigarettes. Paused then just drove home, went out on patio and picked up all the dog ends that had been discarded at side of overflowing ashtray. Reminded me of my army days litter picking around camp ..... cigarettes were a lot cheaper then too. Lost count number of times have stopped and started smoking again over last 30 years or so. I will stop now, for the sake of my health, smelly breath and clothes and my poor wallet.


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Welcome Dino to our friendly quit support😃

Congratulations of making the best decision you can for your health and YES it's NOW, so well done👍

You can do it and we're right here if you have any problems or just want to chat. You'll feel better, smell better and the money saved is great too. So it's a win win situation, you CAN do it 😃x

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Thankyou everybody, nice to know theres lots of support out there : )


Wow Dino, well done hun 😃 maybe now is the right time for you, it's just clicked in to place.... Yep welcome to your new life, no longer a slave to a cancer stick, no more smelling like an ashtray, no more putting 4000 toxins in your body.....you will have more cash in your pocket to spend on the things you have always wanted, you will smell GORGEOUS, family and friends will be delighted to no longer put up with you popping out for a fag, better health, a pink tongue...... oh the list is endless 😃😃😃

If you need anything just come on here and holler.... even if it's only for a chat..😃😃😃

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hi dino and welcome to quit support.

Congratulations for not giving up trying to give up :) :)

This is going to be your time to shine :) :)

Take a read of the info under the topic heading as there is a wealth of info on everything to do with quitting :) :)

We have a great quit family here who are always willing to offer support, so welcome aboard :) :)

We have a wee mantra that we use around here NOPE not one puff ever...sounds simple enough, but, if put into practice..can't go wrong :) :)

All the very best of luck


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Hi ya Dino, thats great news pal :) and a big warm welcome to our lovely group :) :)

Well, you got at least 4 very good reasons to quit :) and I would also say, if you forgot to buy your fags when you were shopping, then they cant mean much to you, do they :) :)

Good luck Dino and if you need any advice or help at all, just you come a shouting and we will try our best to help you :) :)

Pete :)


thankyou Pete, all good so far : )


Hi Dino, well that's a WOW moment if ever there was one :) and what a great way to just take control and do this thing!! Nothing like seizing the moment so good luck and keep us posted on your progress :)


thankyou lilymay, 24hrs now, had a few cravings today but brushed them off : )

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Well done dino, first 24 hours over👍 you just keep brushing those cravings off and you'll be fine😃x


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