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Chronic Bronchitis Or I'm Just Paranoid?

Hi guys, how are you all doing?

I just want to ask, does chronic bronchitis develop even after you quit smoking (cigarettes and weed)? Or does it occur when you are still smoking? I am worried again because I just read the symptoms of chronic bronchitis and it kinda fits in with what I am feeling now/going through right now.

I will just give a timeline/bullet form of my experiences from the start so that you guys can have an idea.

1. Started smoking cigarettes at around June/July 2012

2. Never a chain smoker, my frequency varies but I am sure that I do not do 1 pack/day.

3. Developed asthma when I had my first weed back in June 2013.

4. Started smoking weed in June 2013, frequency varies too, but I do not do 7 days/week. The most that I did is 3 days/week but I probably skipped a week or two of smoking after that.

5. Finally quit smoking cigarettes and weed back in May of this year, 2014.

6. Experienced withdrawals at around 3rd week of May 2014 and lasted until I think last week of


7. Had an appointment with the doctor on July 2014, made me do some breathing tests like blowing a flute like instrument to measure the air that I am able to blow or something like that and passed it, had an x-ray and ECG both were clear.

8. After 5 months of abstinence from cigarettes and weed, on October 4 I smoked weed again (2 hits only) due to peer pressure and was really faded.

9. a couple of days after, I am back to feeling the withdrawal symptoms again.

The withdrawal symptoms that I experienced from May - September/Oct 2014 were:

1. Coughing

2. Spitting of Sputum

3. Shortness of Breath/Chest Discomfort

4. Insomnia (for a duration only)

5. Drowsiness (for a duration only)

6. Headaches (for a duration only)

7. Colds (for a duration only)

8. Depression (first 2 weeks)

9. Lack of Concentration/Cloudy Mind

The withdrawal symptoms that I am experiencing after taking 2 hits of weed from October 7 (or something) - Present are:

1. Coughing

2. Spitting of Sputum

3. Shortness of Breath/Chest Discomfort

4. Lack of Concentration/Cloudy Mind

5. Colds (For a duration only)

There are actually instances where I do not feel shortness of breath, mostly when I am not thinking about it or when I am not stressed in general

I have no blood found in my sputum by the way

I also use a steroid inhaler for my asthma twice a day and a nasal spray

Now, here are the symptoms of Chronic Bronchitis:

1. Cough.

2. Production of mucus (sputum), which can be clear, white, yellowish-gray or green in color — rarely, it may be streaked with blood.

3. Fatigue.

4. Shortness of breath.

5. Slight fever and chills.

6. Chest discomfort.

As you can see, I have some symptoms like cough, sputum, shortness of breath, and a little chest discomfort. I dont have fever and chills, and I go to the gym so I do not really feel fatigued.

I am really worried. Because having chronic bronchitis is awful (basing from the things I have read from Google). Am I just paranoid or what? Does bronchitis develop only after you quit? Because I did not feel any of these when I was still smoking, or the things that I am feeling right now are just part of the withdrawal process and this is perfectly normal? please help guys :( (I'm only 21 years old by the way)

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Hi de-dust, First of all you can get bronchitus whether you smoke or not. What makes you think you have it apart from reading up about it?

I would advise you to see your G.P. as it could be a simple chest infection. If symtoms persist ask for another x ray.

I dont think you are helping yourself by stopping smoking/weed and then smoking again. Once you have stopped try to stay stopped, that will benefit your chest.


Hi jillygirl, thank you for your response! Maybe I just got paranoid since I've been coughing and spitting sputum and I have some shortness of breath too. I actually smoked weed only once again because of peer pressure. But I definitely wont be smoking again thats for sure.

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Aup De its great to see you :)

Yep, i reckon your getting paranoid and stop flippin reading up about it on Google, cos that will make you worse :o

Like Jillygirl has said, nip and see your doc just to make sure, but the symptoms you have sound pretty normal to when we quit smoking :) especially if you keep having the odd weed :o

So try to think of something for when you get the pressure/stress next time, maybe go and treat yourself to something nice :) or get some flippin chocy down you :) :D anything but the smokes and the weed :o

Hey, De, how long have you actually been quit for then ? cos you aint got a badge have you :o

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Hi monky! Thank you for your kind response! Well I stopped in May, then was pressured to smoke weed only once in October, so I am in my 6th month :)


Hi De,

i tend to think you are worrying about nothing, but like the others have said, for your own peace of mind, go back to your GP.

You are only 21 years of age and have an entire life ahead of you. Don't go wasting it on stop starts sessions of smoking cigarettes and weed.

Try and stay away from google, it is notorious for scaring people into thinking they have something wrong with them etc.

You need to really get out there and enjoy going to the gym and instead of worrying about what you may or may not have, think about how you are going grow as a person so that you dont succumb to peer pressure from your so called friends and just live and enjoy life :) :)


Hey de_dust03, welcome to Quit Support :-)

Congratulations on keeping on keeping on - stick with us and we'll support you in staying on the right smokefree road :-)

It sounds to me that all the symptoms that you are showing are signs that your body is actually recognising that you have stopped smoking and is just getting rid of the 'stuff' that isn't supposed to there. By continuing not to smoke, you are also reducing your risk of developing other health problems such as lung disease etc.

As our members have already said, any concerns or worries, then please pop back to see your GP again.

Think about what strategy you can put in place that will help you from succumbing to such peer pressure again. I can promise you now that should you go back to smoking (weed or cigarettes) you will return to wanting to stop again - so it just makes sense to get it over and done with now - you can then look forward to a healthier smokefree lifestyle with more money about you to enjoy it with :-)

Stay strong and remember that just because your mates do it, doesn't mean that you have to ;-)


Next time de-dust try this. :-



had Norovirus recently or something very similar. This meant I felt too sick to smoke e-cig. After Norovirus stopped Bronchitis and coughing up yellow phlegm kicked in. My concerns are same as yours as have been in two minds whether am suffering or recovering.

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Hey de😊

A lot of people get the flu when they quit smoking . Allergies can flare up and asthma can worsen but just for awhile That's what I've read on site But you've been quit a long time so maybe you should have a visit to your gp. I don't really know. Maybe you have an allergy to the weed you smoked. That's a possibility. Maybe it activated your asthma. All the best. Keep us posted on what your dr says xx


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