A Month's Victory

I think I became a member of this site after 1 week victory over cigarettes. I was going through a hard time with my quit and decided I needed some help. I am very thankful I found this site. I have learned some critical principles here that has helped me survive and make staying quit easier for me. N.O.P.E. I will not settle for even one puff, it will only lead to more. I keep my list in my pocket why I stopped, the four that lead the list, Deval, Dayneah, Devanaire and Michael: My wife and kids. Smoking does not make any situation better: stress, pain, boredom, no situation, they still will be there after you smoke. Now I laugh at the face of the little voices in my head telling to smoke. Actually now they are much less. Sometimes they do occur when you least expected but I still laugh. Life is much better without cigarettes, and I am proud to say am a member of TEAM N.O.P.E and will continue to share a post in hope that someone else would be encourage to quit and STAY QUIT. Thank you so much team, I honestly do not think I could have stayed quit this long without you.

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  • Here Here , Islandboy, I feel the same, it's great to have so much support from everyone on This site.

    We are all in it to win it !!

    Here's to us, NOPE. :-)

  • I couldnt have put it better myself Mrs sunny :) :)

    We are all in the same boat, whether were starting, half way through or have flippin DONE it :) :) we are all here to WIN :D :D

  • blogs.lt.vt.edu/christinase...

    Well done islandboy on 1 month quit, terrific achievement 👍 😃 x

  • Islandboy, am just loooooooving your list :) :) :) what more incentive do you need :) :)

    You are a true member of our TEAM N.O.P.E. and I am soooo glad your aboard our ship :) I hope you feel really proud of your achievement :) cos I am soooo soooo proud of you :)

    Islandboy, I know your only a month into your quit, ''BUT'', I know you've done it :) You've BEAT mr flippin nick :) :)

    Keep up the good work :) :)

  • Well Done Island boy,

    your have done so well and what better reasons to quit that your family.

    I am so very proud of you :)

    Yes, i agree, we have a great quit support family here and using the NOPE mantra makes for great success stories :) :)


  • well done islandboy you are on track!!!!

  • Huge, huge congratulations Islandboy, a major milestone in your stopping smoking journey 👍

    Now you have your first month under your belt let's help you crack on with your next one 👍😄

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