Thanks to each and every one of you!

Thanks to each and every one of you!

I honestly am not sure if i would have been able to give up the ciggies if i hadnt found this site. Honestly and truly, it helps me so much reading everyone posts, knowing that i am not the only one struggling with a certain issue, etc. 

So, i am at 8 weeks today, and i know for sure i will never go back! And to celebrate 8 weeks, i just wanted to write a post to all of you, to say thanks for the funny stories, the anecdotes, the tears, and the support, i honestly dont think i would be where i am today without you all. 

Heres to being smoke free, for the rest of my life! :) N.O.P.E xxxxxxxx

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  • 8 weeks Jess - that is just fantastic. You must be feeling ever so proud of yourself and SO you should 😊😊😏😏

    You are doing absolute brilliant on your quit journey and I am so very proud of you 😀😀🙂🙂🙂🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

    Keep up the great quit you have going ❤️

  • Awww glolin you are so sweet :) thanks for your continuous encouragement, you are an angel :) xx 

  • I hope you go out and treat yourself - cos you sure have earned it 😀😀

  • Im off to poland in 9 days, which is all paid for by no smoking money :) xx 

  • That is sensational - I have saved all mine and will be doing a massive trip to the UK and Europe. I have saved over 14k now which is around 7000 pounds 🤑🤑

  • Oh my gosh that IS a lot of money! When are you thinking of coming over to the UK? What a wonderful way to see all your no-smoking effort pay off! :) 

  • Won't be till next year sometime - I was going to the USA this year but my son who lives there is coming to I decided I am coming to the UK 😀😀

  • Any ideas where in the UK? xx 

  • No, not as yet, will fly into London, but can hopefully arrange it to meet few people from quit support while I am there 😀😀👍👍

  • Im not far out of london, so if you need a place to stay (to make the trip slightly cheaper for you!), you know where i am! :)

  • Oh wow!!!!Thank you...and I am non

  • smokers are not allowed :P 

  • off to poundland bloody hell push the boat out kid, you must have done well, have a see for me if there are any Jaffa cakes on sale, they sell lighters in there if decide to change your mind

  • Do you mean poundland? Cos i meant poland, the country lol! :P

  • Christ Jess I thought I was going to fall off my chair laughing at gymlads response post. I will pick him up a pair of reading glasses instead of the jaffa cakes when I go to poundland next HA HA HA!!!

  • Hehehe I found it quite funny too 😜

  • Well done Jess a fantastic achievement 8 weeks :) Fab. I am starting to struggle and hate this whole thing, still trying to stay positive although very hard, very close sometimes, so come on here. Thought it would  ease but feel like I am in a black hole. I will continue, I just hate this feeling of not being me anymore. Stupid I know. I love to read the posts of those who have succeeded . Anyway will be ok and carry on . Have a good day xxx

  • Ahh Maddy :( gutted you are feeling like that lovely! Just remember though, you were someone before you smoked, so you are getting back to being that person. Smoking doesnt define you, or who you are hun, dont ever let it! You know where i am if you need someone to chat to OK?? Keep your chin up and a smile on your face and everything else will fade away hun. I believe in you :) xxxxxx 

  • Thanks Jess, will try my best xxx

  • Will be thinking of you my love xxxxxxx 

  • Aww Maddy, sorry to see you on a bit of a is very normal emotions...many people suffer with mild depression - if you feeling really low for a period of time, maybe talk to your GP.

    They say it's easier to give up heroin than cigarettes - so that gives you an idea of how tough it can be for some people. We all quit different and suffer different....but do hang in there as you have come so far - but do consider talking to your GP 🌷🌷🌷❤️

  • Thanks, will do , taking myself away next week for a week away to totally relax. I feel I need time to myself and maybe concentrate on me, read, walk etc. just booked time off work, out the blue. So hoping this will do the trick. It's a hard road x

  • It sure can be hard, I went through a real dark stage, I was struggling to concentrate at work, had no motivation to do sure isn't a nice place to be..but if it's any just all disappeared one out of absolute nowhere the old me returned 😀😀😀

  • Thanks. Looking forward to that, hope it's not to far away. :) I'm  looking forward to being away as you say I don't even want to go to work . I think I am exhausted too, even though I'm away every weekend, not getting the time to totally wind down. So hopefully it will help. The only thing stopping  me smoking is I have got so far , for me  10 weeks has never been done , and know if I give in to the cigs I will never do this again , that's for sure.  Thanks for being there xx

  • Just a thought Maddy, have you had your thyroid checked....there is a strong correlation with quitting smoking and developing hypothyroidism. For me I started to feel good and then it just turned and I was really feeling energy, not sleeping, just wanted to curl up in a ball and for the whole world to leave me alone - went to see doc as I was concerned about emotional well being - and I got blood works done and it was my damn thyroid that was responsible ..

    I do hope a week of R and R helps really are doing brilliantly and will look back on these days😀😀😀😀

  • Yeah had checks, I have a history,  a long time ago of depression, so am prone to it. I do not want to give in to it, as don't want to go back on cigs. Just having a really hard time at mo. I'm sure will feel different in a few days I am determined to beat this addiction . I hate what it is doing to me xx

  • Hang in there Maddy!

  • Thanks dunn :) 

  • The Dr can prescribe an antidepressant for your depression if you feel you can't cope with it .. I take Trintellix for depression 

  • Sweetheart I felt like you on Sunday it's the hardest thing we have ever done glad you are taking a break from it all sleep when you need to ,you are doing a great job and they do say the first 12 weeks are the hardest .hope you feel better soon xx

  • Thanks Bevie , really looking forward to it , just me and my dogs lots of books and fresh air. It definitely is the hardest thing I have done, and it's plays havoc with your emotions xx

  • And that very thing, my dear Maddy, booking your hol out of the blue is called spontaneity, which is a sign of psychological health. You're getting better. Much love, Poll x

  • Thanks Polly xxx

  • Hi Maddy,

    I suffer depression on and off as well and my first 5 months of quitting sent me into a depression ... I was convinced cigarettes would get me out of it...

    The depression lifted after 5 months and my coping mechanisms changed naturally without me having to do anything out of the ordinary ...

    Depression is scarey and exhausting... Stay close to our quit family  and keep your reason for quitting closer ... Maybe stay away from toxic people until your depression passes ❤️🇨🇦xxxxx

  • Thanks Arizona , going to try and hang on in there . Don't want to go on tabs yet, as took me a long time to come off. But will fight it . Thank you for speaking x

  • Sorry you're struggling at the moment Maddy☹️ dig deep and carry on but if  ya don't feel any better, please have a chat with your G.P. 

    Glad you've booked a week away for yourself, some rest and relaxation will do ya the power of good👍🏼 10 weeks quit is absolutely brilliant, well done hun🚭👏🏼  hang in there💐😊

  • Thanks Briar , I will do . Feeling a bit better today. It certainly is a roller coaster . Looking forward to the break :) x

  • Woohooo Jess, congratulations on your 8 weeks winners badge, AWESOME👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Your terrific positive attitude has really shone through, sooo happy for ya👍🏼

    Enjoy Poland and be proud of you achievement, coz we're all proud of you🚭💐😊x

  • Thanks briarwood! :):) xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hey Jess ... Great post... And thank you for joining our quit family ❤️

    8 weeks is just BEAUTIFUL 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈👏

  • Thanks Arizona :) so so glad i found all of you, your all awesome :) 

  • Hey Maddy, I'm only now starting to feel like the "old" me, hang in there it'll get easier

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