Very early post or very late??

Very early post or very late??

I was just having a little peruse on the site and thinking how great all you guys are - it really does help being able to chatter on here. Just had a little count up on the calendar, and how strange that when I worked it out, the 1st of Stoptober is exactly 26 weeks since I had my last ciggy! Never managed this long before, although I still use my vapour cig - it serves more like a dummy in the evening. Was at Hospice day care today and found myself doing an interview on DVD to promote and explain what the Hospice does. FAME AT LAST!! The notable thing is that not once did I need to use any nrt until I got home at 4pm. This seems to tell me that its now more psychological. Anyway - I'm not right bothered cos I still consider myself a non smoker, and I do see some little envious faces at times, when I'm with smokers, who, like me, have found it so hard to stop. So . . Guys and Gals keep at it, I still think its worth it, and when all my chemo/radiotherapy is over - I shall be going on that holiday I'd had to cancel earlier. The fag money will pay for the extra bits and pieces - yesssssss! :) ;)

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  • Aup Veeeee :) :)

    Flippin 26 weeeeeeeeeeks gal, JUST ACE GAL :) :)

    I tell you, Vera, Your one hell of a Lady, to go through what you are going through, and flippin stay quit toooooo, you need crowning gal :) :)

    Like you say, on you pic, try to stay happy :) :) cos we are all with you in spirit, if not in body, am sending you loads and loads of love and huggs gal :) :) erm, just hope you can take em all :o cos just got loads of em at the moment Veee :) xxxxx

  • Does that mean I can call myself QueenVee or even Queenbee? tee hee :)

  • Morning Vcats, well it's morning to me !!! As I'm not an early-bird !! .

    It's good to hear someone else using a vapour-cig, and yes i think of it like a dummy too !! After 45 years smoking this is the longest i have gone without the dreaded weed, it's 4 weeks now :-)

    Sounds like you'v got your share of probs, without giving up the fags, I,m giving you a Gold Star, :-)

    Here's to a great day.

  • Hi Vee, (or is that Queen Vee? :o ) nice to see you again. I think that pic is absolutely great. Great that you've now achieved 6 months without a cigarette, a wonderful achievement. :)

  • Woo hoo way to go Vee, you have my greatest respect. xx

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