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Craving Still Ringing In My Head

It has been 2 weeks now and I still have cravings. I think about cigarettes ALOT. When I finish eating I think about cigarettes. I live on the beach, I went for a long walk with my wife and kids, I was thinking about cigarettes. I am stressed out at work now because I year end is coming up and our accounts need to be in order, I AM THINKING ABOUT CIGARETTES. I have not smoked but the thoughts of cigarettes seem to be on my mind ALL THE TIME. I am exercising, I am drinking lots of water, I am working hard not being idle, but the thoughts of cigarettes are still there. HELP!!!

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Im at month 3 and it is a whole lot better but boy do I know where you are. Surges and waves , logically working out why I should have one.

We are its slave, not just the nictone but the whole chemicals, pleasure, and physical act. Well your almost there.

I would not have survived without patches and gums, I ma currently experimenting cutting those out. But every now and again I do get the urge to have "just one".

Think about a coping strategy. Think about all the reasons you want to quit and make a list. Talk to your doctor about NRT if its all getting to much.

Most importantly you don't smoke anymore, you haven't had one , so you are a non smoker.

What will having one do? Apart from the guilt, you will get a buzz for two minutes that achieves nothing and you will have to start this process again.

You are doing so well. Keep going



Hi island boy,

It's very difficult when the cravings hit but I used to just accept it for what it was, and say to myself, " why would I want a cigarette, I don't smoke"

You're doing great not giving in to the cravings, just hang in there, I promise it does get easier 😊

Try breathing exercises, there's posts on the site about them, sure it was Monky that put them up 😊

You can do this 😀😀😀



Well done for making it this far! Keep up the fight!

I just realize I read that as 2 months not 2 weeks, I'm an idiot... Editing accordingly.

There have been a few conversations on here about "mental pathways" recently. The idea that nicotine addiction subsides after a week (or two depending on how much you got in your system). Other side effects of quitting tend to balance out within end of month 1 to month 2.

As you are 2 weeks (not months) in, you could use NRT, but you are at the hump point where the nicotine addiction side effects should be trailing off and reducing. So if you can keep up the fight for another week (or two at the most) you will be beyond nicotine and NRT.

Have you tried breathing exercises? I find taking deep breaths (like when inhaling or as a controlled breathing exorcise) helps.

Perhaps you can find a replacement activity for when you have a craving? Sadly I have no ideas for myself on this.

Benefits timeline:


Quitting side effects timeline (at the bottom of this page):


Most people do not experience all of the symptoms below:

Dizziness Increased oxygen levels in blood and blood pressure lowering to normal Be careful, take precautions and don’t work to hard

1 - 5 days

Coughing, nose running The body’s respiratory system begins to clean itself Drink lots of fluids

1 – 5 days

Sore throat The clearing away of nicotine and tar and the growth of new tissue Suck sweets, eat honey or anything else that will soothe your throat

1 – 5 days

Tight chest The coughing causes the chest muscles to get sore Try relaxation and deep breathing exercises

1 – 2 weeks

Flatulence and constipation Temporary slowing of intestinal movement Eat lots of fibre and drink lots of fluids

1 – 2 weeks

Headaches Increased blood flow (with more oxygen) to the back of the brain. Drink lots of fluids and do relaxation exercises

2 – 4 weeks

Irritability Your body is desperate for nicotine Relaxation exercises

2 – 4 weeks

Reduced concentration Increased blood flow and oxygen to brain and lack of stimulation from nicotine Don’t over exert yourself.

2 – 4 weeks

Fatigue Without nicotine your metabolic rate drops down to normal Don’t over exert yourself. This feeling will go away in a few weeks


Hi island boy, you are doing brilliant, and what you are going through is perfectly normal😆😆

I can promise you it will get better soon. I so remember those early days well, and how I struggled with concentrating at work, I just had to keep on telling myself that things will get better, and I just kept on battling

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Hi Island boy, well done for quitting. I can relate to you I too when stopping seemed to be plagued with thoughts of smoking but that's what it is just a thought, and I would say to myself no, I wouldn't justify the excuses in my head I just shut it down with a good old No I'm not having one full stop! ... Regardless of the situation it really is an excuse you can deal with everything in your life without a cigarette it truely is a burden within itself that you can jolly well do without ... You've got this island boy you are a non smoker and don't need cigarettes!


Hiya islandboy, you're doing brilliant and as other members have said, it's very normal what you are experiencing. I even used to dream about smoking in the early weeks of my quit 😳 this will get easier I promise you and you are doing so well excercising and drinking water. The breathing through these cravings will help and maybe mints or chewing gum and each day you don't smoke reinforces this new way of life. Just remember N.O.P.E. Not one puff ever and you will get there. Keep fighting Mr nic off and he will eventually get the message that you don't want him in your life 😃 x

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Islandboy, lots of fab advice given aready and the positive news here is that the way you are feeling is pretty normal at this point of your journey 👍 Just keep on keeping on 😉

Nobody said it would be easy, but most folks say that it is worth it 😄

You can do this 👍


Cravings to smoke are not signs of impending failure, they are signs that you are healing from both the physical addiction you have to nicotine and the psychological associations you have with smoking as well.

Keep your eye on the prize and do the work it takes to get the monkey that nicotine addiction is off of your back.

The rewards are outstanding and you'll love the person you become without the chains of this killer habit weighing you down.

No way to stop thinking about them so accept that but you can start laughing at how hard your ego is trying to talk you into smoking.

You control your present moment actions but you can't control your thoughts. Thoughts can create feelings just like going through real moments but real moments are not our thoughts.

Every time you think of stopping just stop and say to yourself what an assume job you did for yourself and family! You are now a non smoker!

Not one puff ever NOPE

Never take another puff NTAP

Get angry with how we were tricked into consuming poison that was physically addictive and is now psychologically additive as our brain rewired and adds extra dopamine receptors.

Over time those receptors start to disappear but that can and will take over four months so hang in there!

This is kind of like breaking up with someone you have been dating and having great sex with but you know you gotta break it off as the whole thing is unhealthy mentally for your mind and soul.

Cigarettes are like a person you wish you never slept with. Don't let those cigarettes or any nicotine product back into your life again.

It does get easier.


Joel has free videos and free PDF books as well.

Look for Joel's take on Dopomine receptors. Google smoking and dopamine receptors and study your enemy and take all those obsessive smoking thoughts and hug them and love them and laugh them away as its a sign you are letting go.

One thing, how often do you think of people you dated in the past? You will forget cigarettes eventually and be on guard when they spring up out of the blue like the thought of someone you used to know.

Time heals all wounds and you are dealing with loss and a large gapping wound that will eventually get better and fade from your memory.

I'm on Month 5 not smoking and I have gone over two days sometimes without thinking of smoking so it's getting better!!!!!!




Wow thank you guys for all of your responses. I know there will be times I hear cigarettes calling my name but I have decided to change my name and didn't tell the cigarettes. If only it was that easy. But the struggle continues and I thank you guys for continuing the fight with me. Over-comers, Conquerors - Team N.O.P.E. #FeelingBlessedToday.

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