You guys are awesome!

Hi all and thanks for the kind words and support, it has truly meant a great deal.

So, I've been smoke free since Wednesday 4pm (not that I'm counting) and I go through many ups and downs per day. I haven't killed anyone, which is an improvement on last time (kidding), but my teeth itch and my hands need to be occupied all the time. I have been gaming and chewing Mentos like my life has depended on it, but it seems to be working.

I'm avoiding studying again so I better get back to it, but wanted to say thanks again. Now fo a shot of that delightful pepper spray, er, I mean quit mist!

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  • I think you are pretty awesome too :) :) you are staying strong and winning over the cravings.

    It may not seem like it at the moment, but I promise, it will get easier and each time to don't give in to the horrid pull of Mr Nic, you gain more strength and power over him :) :)

    Keep up the fantastic quit you got going there :) :)

  • Hiya Stoolie, now you're back studying I've 2 little tips for the hands and mouth that I found useful. Cinnamon sticks you can get them in any supermarket in the spice jars section, very handy to suck on and fiddle with at the same time 😳 the other one is a straw, know it sounds a bit strange but give em a go and see if it helps 😜

    You can use the pepper spray to squirt anyone that annoys ya :D :D

    Keep going coz you're doing great and we're all behind you, that's coz we don't want to be in front in case you spray us 😊 x

  • Just keep going you can do it!!

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