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My gums are on fire... How long will this last???

5 days done...

This is about my 4th time quitting! I've tried champix, hypnotherapy and vaping.

This time I'm vaping again and I'm finding it suprisingly easy but I have the sorest gum and arm rash. I'm also finding that my sinus allergies have gone crazy and I'm coughing and sneezing all the time.

My last attemp to quit lasted about a year but never had these symptoms before, how long until my mouth will not be on fire? The thought of brushing my teeth is making me want to cry!

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Hi there Niccad, The sore gums /bleeding gums are not an uncommon side effect of quitting. If it is too painful to brush your teeth try Corsdyl mouthwash for a few days.

Hopefully the soreness will subside within a few days. If still having problems it may be worth a visit to your dentist or G.P. for reassurance.

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Hiya Nicc, welcome to quit support and well done on 4 days quit :)

As Jilly has said your sore gums are one of the unpleasant sides of quitting and I can feel your pain as I suffered badly too :(

I used corsydl and I also found warm salt water very effective as you can use the salt water as often as you like. I also bought a child's toothbrush although the dentist said not to brush until the gums start to settle down. I remember eating lots of soup and mashed food, not very appetizing but it's amazing what you can eat when you have to :D

I've no experience with the rash so can't help you on that I'm afraid except to say this quitting malarkey throws a whole lot of things at us :( but hang in there and it will get better as most of these things pass :)

Oh yeah forgot to say soluble disprin will help with the pain, just swill it round your mouth :)

You might want to check your ejuice as well to make sure it's not something in that causing an allergic reaction :(

Apologies for writing sooo much and hope things start to improve soon for ya :) :) x

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Good morning.....yes I too have the mouth and gum thing going on. My gums are bleeding, mouth started getting ulcers (that has stopped now)....very sore. Nose bleeds as well.

I like to think it is my body adjusting to being normal again - like it is fighting off an infection, whereas, when I was smoking it was too damaged to care. ...

I know it's hard but keep going and you will feel better for it....


Hey i also got nose bleeds in the early days, phewww i am pleased i am not the only one lol!



Hi the gum thing is really common and i had to buy a babies toothbrush which was super soft, as man it looked like a homicide had gone down in my bathroom when i used my electric one, the only comfort is, it does get better :) try using sensitive toothpaste, soft toothbrush and cordysl ( ummm not sure how to spell it, it is a mouth wash and tastes like the devils sputum but def helps lol! ) x


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