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Smoke-free is Freedom

I am about to begin my 4th week without tobacco. Today as I made my way to my local shop I came across a man smoking by the entrance, and I found my natural instinct was to hold my breath and avoid the second hand smoke. I feel pretty sure I am on my way to being an ex-smoker. That's 0 cigarettes in 21 days. It's all good. (-:

Though the smoke-free life is wonderful, I have put on 4-5 pounds, so I am starting to hit the gym to avoid post-tobacco weight gain, which is an understandable problem for many people. But why not - it's another healthful step. Good luck everyone!!

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Hi TokoyoRebel, that's great that your starting week 4 :) :) well done :), keep the positive thoughts going and you will be an ex smoker :)

I know what you mean about the weight, but like you say it's getting healthier all round, we'll soon all be super healthy :)

I hope you have a great smoke free life :)


Congratulations, sounds like your mind set has accepted that you are a non smoker. When I see other smokers I just acknowledge that that was once me, I pity them as they are still addicted and have not found the courage or freedom to change.

You have gone through the worse now, with the festive season behind you and the physical addiction to nicotine has passed.

Exercise will be good for your mind and well being but don't worry to much about weight loss and being perfect. You have stopped smoking and this is a fantastic achievement.

I for one did not lose any weight last year, I stopped smoking in Feb and feel a lot better about myself. I did manage to not pile any weight on so am the same weight as last January and will try and lose weight this year as the non smoking is now part of me.

The 5lb will come off anyway when you go gym so enjoy the new non smoke you :)


Aup Tokyorebel, its great to see you back on here, and even better news that your still firmly focused on your quit :) :)

21 days pal, thats just ace :) :)

I think we have all put some weight on during our quit plus Christmas tooooooo :)

Going to the gym is a great idea :) not only to get the extra weight off, but I myself find it helps with the quitting too :) although i've only got a rowing machine, it does help :) :)

I relapsed New Years eve :( but I tell you, I am not giving up giving up !! just wish I had your positiveness :) thats why I know you are going to do this :) :)

You keep focused and positive on your quit, and you will make it :) :)

If you have any questions or anything, just come on here, there will be somebody to help you :)

Pete :)


Hi TokyoRebel

You sound very in control and determined, well done on completing 3 weeks no smoking.

Keep up the good work.


Well done you sound so positive and go getting,all strength to you :))


Hi Tokyo and well done for getting through those first 3 weeks - and at the worst time of year probably. In my early days I would have loved to get a good whiff as I went in that shop! :o

Metabolism change with quitting smoking is a fact of quit life so you will have to work extra hard in that gym but don't give up with the quit. Keep up the good work. :)


You are absolutely correct! Smoke free is smoke freedom! I am so so so so so glad that I am no longer a prisoner to the queue to buy cigarettes! I feel sorry for people stood in that queue and I am never going back! Nearly 12 months now so proud of myself! Well done and keep up the good work! I too hold my breath now and it truly does stink!


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