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A Whopping 4 days :-)

Hi all, a small step for man but a huge leap for this 30 a day, 'I love smoking' woman.

I spent a while cutting down with an ecig but I'm now a full time vaper (better kit). I don't really have have any intention of ever giving up nicotine as I regard it as hugely beneficial to my health (guts & brain), but I'm determined to stay off the cigarettes now. I'm awaiting the cough & other nasty quit effects to hit me but to be honest, I think I went through a lot of it during the 4 weeks I spent on 5 per day. That was awful; coughing, mouth ulcers, palpitations, aches & pains. Since giving up my 5 a few days ago I've had some hum-dinger cravings, worst ones are first thing in a morning & last thing at night. Strangely though it's the cravings that are stopping me from popping out and buying a 10 pack. No way am I having a cigarette & going back to square one, I don't ever want to have to endure those first coupe of days ever again!

Anyway, sorry to waffle, just wanted to say hello & introduce myself :-)

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Hiya TCNS and welcome to quit support :)

Congratulations on your quit and sounds like you're doing great, so well done :)

Come on here and waffle anytime ya like coz we love a bit of waffle on here :D

Yep those first days are painful alright and I reckon we don't want to go there again :(

It will get easier as each day adds up but the first thing in the morning takes a bit to retrain our brains I think :O

Keep up the good work and come chat again coz lots of lovely people on here to help and support :) :) x


Hello and welcome TC :-)

Congrats on your quit you're doing great.

The first few days seemed surreal to me think i went about in a daze :-)

It does get easier as Briar said and you wont even notice the cravings :-)

Keep in touch its all really lovely people on here, mad but lovely :-D :-)


Hi TC and a big welcome to quit support :)

You have yourself a fantastic quit going there :) :) and well done for that :) :)

just keep that guard up as often it comes and bites ya when you least expect :o

Having a plan to manage the urges is certainly the best way :) :)

Keep up the great work :) :)



Great job on putting the cogs down. Keep strong my friend. Yes the urge and temptations will get stronger and just keep telling yourself that the craving will pass.

When a BAD DAY comes along and you feel like you've lost the battle and your thoughts of having another cigarette seem to be stronger than your willpower, don't get cigarettes, if anything get a can of smokeless tobacco (SKOAL) and put a little between your bottom lip and your gum.

I promise your craving for that nicotine will be gone. Now your getting it just without the smoke in your lungs.

That's the ONLY way I was able to quit.

Good luck buddy and keep it smokeless.


Hi and welcome to quit support. Its lovely to see someone so positive. Like Briar says we love a bit of waffle on here. Stay strong. :) :)


Good morning lovely folk, thanks so much for your replies & tips. Jillygirl, it's not positivity, it's utter fear of repeating those first few days plus acute stubbornness ;-) You're right about mornings Briarwood, it's helped not having coffee as that was the big thing for me (coffee + smoking) but I seem to just wander around now without much purpose, missing my old routine & unable to find a new one yet.

I'm taking the day off today (self employed) & I'm going out to spend the money I've saved this week by not buying cigs..... of course, my memory is a little foggy, so I'll conveniently forget the fact that I already spent it during my lunch break yesterday.

Hope everyone has a good, smoke free day x


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