22 days and counting!

I've made it 22 days! The last couple days I have been feeling this tightness and being wheezy in my chest. Is this normal? I have also woke up to coughing which really worries me. I make myself crazy worrying about cancer. This has been so tough. Do you find that the cravings subside EVER?? Some days I want to cry lol. I'm glad I have quit I really am! If anyone has advice it would be so appreciated!!

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  • Hello🌷 For me it's 18 days and counting. I'm struggling today. My body is aching and my teeth!!! So sensitive I can hardly eat anything. That scares me. But I keep on concentrating on my health. Just think what cigarettes were doing to our bodies and our mind too if we're feeling this way NOT smoking..... So the mantra or motto is. NOPE. NOT ONE PUFF. EVER. Hang in there xx

  • I had chest and back pain in the first 2 weeks. People on this site said it was normal withdrawal........... This too shall pass

  • Hi ya Hunnybee3983, its lovely to hear that you have made that vital decision to quit the smokes and 22 days toooooo :) :) and a BIG warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) :)

    As our lovely Arizona has said, your symptoms are pretty normal, we are all different and have different symptoms when we quit :o Your's are probably the most normal ones :) BUT, saying that, please feel free to go and see your GP if just to put your mind at ease eh :) :)

    Hunny, your going through the normal patterns of your quit, YES, it is really hard to start with :( BUT the more you kick mr nics butt, the easier it will get for you :) :)

    Believe in yourself :) :) Believe in your capabilities :) :) DO IT :) :)

    Hunny, if you have a look to your right, you will see Pinned Posts, have a nosey through them, cos there are some great breathing exercises etc :) orrrrr, the Topics :)

    Try to exercise as much as you can, cos this really helps our bodies to rid all that crap out of it :) :)

    Hope to see ya soon :) Pete :)

  • Hiya hunnybee, welcome to quit support 😊 and congratulations on 22 days quit, great achievement so well done to you👍🏼

    The withdrawal symptoms you are experiencing are unfortunately very common and the good news is they will pass. Most of us have felt like having a good cry as well, so that's very normal too. It can be very difficult at the start of your quit but it will all be worth while. It really is the best thing you can do for your future health. Hang in there and know that it will get easier, I promise. Be proud of yourself and don't forget to treat yourself to something nice each week. Or you could save the money for a nice holiday, lots of good things will come your way. Good luck and stay close to this site as it will help you through the tough times😊x

  • Thank you so much for your responses! Really puts my mind at Ease knowing that these are symptoms of quitting smoking. I feel better already. 😊. I really felt like it was time to find a group like this. Non smokers do not understand the struggles lol thank you so much for accepting me as a member and showing so much support already!!! Here's to another day of no smoking! I think I will save this money from not smoking and buy something nice, such a great idea!! Thanks so much!!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Hi Hunnybee and a big warm welcome..

    I am often late to welcome new members as being here in Australia, and the time differences :D :D

    We do have a very friendly support group and we all share that same journey of quitting smoking and remaining smoke free :) :)

    22 days. that is awesome :) :) Keep up the great quit you have going :) :)


  • Yes, welcome! As you can see, you're not alone and you are also experiencing symptoms familiar to others. But, as mentioned above .. consulting a GP can be wise, too. Hope you're feeling more comfortable soon! Should be.

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