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Still coughing


I hope everyone is well and staying strong with the battle against Mr Nic.

Before quitting I'd had a cough with sputum for quite a few years which was probably smoking related.

I was hoping after 3 months quit this would resolve and although it's not quite as bad its still going

I suppose this is damage to my lungs that will be with me permanently. Is anybody else the same.

Kas xx

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Hi kas, I'm at almost 3 months also, like you I has a terrible cough ect but then got a virus on top which made things worse, now virus free I have the odd coughing fit that hurts my chest and seems to come and go, I'm taking this as normal, unlike you my cough has always been non productive which makes me think you should just get your gp to have a listen to your chest. There are so many bugs and germs flying around which doesn't help us quitters, it's probably all the rubbish coming away from your body but it wouldn't hurt to just get checked over x

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Aup Kas, its lovely to see you gal and doing sooooo well on your quit too :) :)

Our bodies are all different Kas, so it takes different times for our bodies to clear all that flippin junk out of em from smoking all those Years :o

But like Sharon has said, it wont do you any harm to nip and see your GP just to be on the safe side and to put your mind at ease :)

Take care and keep yourself warm :) xx

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Hiya Kas and congratulations on your 3 month quit :)

Can't really help you with the cough except to say it's early days yet and our bodies take time to heal, so hang in there and hope it gets better soon :) x


Thanks all for the replies.

Think I will leave it a few more weeks and see how I go.



I promise....it will stop. Actually, it's the first thing that will stop and you are going to be so happy, happy.

Your body is ridding itself of so many toxins and you must allow it to. I am so sorry that you are going to feel a bit worse prior to feeling much better.

Hang in there.

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