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Hi all my lovely friends, sorry I've not been on here for a few days, had quite a stressful weekend, as you know Bailey the new dog was picked up Saturday but unfortunately after Saturday and Sunday we had to take him back to the dogs trust which broke my heart but he was extremely aggressive towards my cats to the point that he nearly killed one. Very sad because I really really fell in love with him, after a lot of tears I know I have made the right decision, I am still strong and not caved in to reaching for fags and I must say I really am being tested on my quit!!! I must be coming up to 3 months soon infact I am 10 weeks so can't wait for my 3 month badge in 2 weeks, hope you lot are all ok, tried to download pics of Bailey on Saturday but my phone just wouldn't do it perhaps a sign things just were not meant to be x

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  • Hiya Sharon, really soooo sorry that things didn't work out for you with Bailey and obviously a very upsetting time for you. So well done for not giving up on your quit and be proud of yourself for coping without mr nic. You're nearly at that next badge so hang in there hun coz you're doing terrific :) :) x

  • Hi Sharon I am sorry it didn't work out with Bailey, But how good are you!!!! with all that happening, you have stayed strong and stayed quit... Fantastic!!!!!!!

  • Aaaw Sharon so sorry to hear things didn't work out with Bailey :-(

    You've done extremely well in not giving up on your quit :-) just shows that you are a strong person :-) and will make it all the way :-)


  • Thank you shanti, yes definately hope the tests give me a break for a few weeks lol! Decided to not do anything that could result in a possibly stressful situation, obviously some stressful situations we can't avoid but me thinks the less things I do right now the less chance of disappointment! My son is quite angry with me (he's 15) as He never has liked our cats and blames them for returning Bailey! And wants me to find another immediately! Which I want to wait now to find the right one! He's upset to the point he's threatened to live with his dad once he finishes his GCSEs, very upsetting right now x

  • Smart move trying not to have too many stressful events,,,ummmm 15 yr old,,,,,thats stressful in itself :D :D You are doing so well sharon and truly showing how strong you are. I am so proud of your achievements to date with all the other variables that have been in you way, you have stayed quit


  • Hi Sharon agree with Linda 15 yr olds are very stressful there's just no reasoning with them :-(

    When my older two were teenagers, hubby was working abroad 3 months at a time and he was always seen as the fun one coz he wasn't there for the day to day things, and when he came home it was presents, activities etc. It is difficult when your trying to be mum and dad, and teenage kids are going through changes as well, lots of little hormones raging inside of them :D

    My son was a sullen, sulky 15 yr old, I couldn't look at him but he hated me, life, the moon in fact everything. Yeah it's hard going and I'm not looking forward to the teenage angst with the youngest one. He's actually getting an attitude already, think I'll start planning my getaway now :D :D

    Deep breaths Sharon, and hopefully things settle down with your son :-)


  • Awwww, Sharon, am soo sorry gal that Bailey didnt work out :( :( Just wandering if the rescue centre has a puppy or a younger dog that would play with your cats eh :o

    I applaud you for staying soooooo strong and staying quit over this stressful time :) :) BIG anti stressful warm cuddly huggs heading your ways if you want em gal :) :) xx

  • PS, just binned over them there fields and court you a new winners badge, I hope you like it :) :)

  • Hi Sharon

    oh so sorry that things didn't work out , brings tears to me was so hoping it would work out

    hope the cats have recovered, and that dear bailey soon finds a good home

    love liz x

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